InsureMyTrip Upgrades Recommendation Engine With New Features

Last updated on 03/28/2023

WARWICK, R.I., June 22, 2018 -- InsureMyTrip, the first travel insurance comparison site, is celebrating the latest upgrade to its groundbreaking recommendation engine. The newest version is smarter and more precise — capable of automatically filtering thousands of travel insurance plans in order to predict which plans are most appropriate and relevant for an individual traveler. The tool enables users to find the right travel insurance plans 10x faster than comparing quotes manually online.

This enhanced version also better identifies specific coverages for different trip itineraries. For example, cruisers are typically concerned about missing the ship's boarding time due to a flight delay or missed connection. The recommendation engine has already "learned" this attribute and will use this type of data to make a more intelligent decision, on behalf of the customer, and offer a travel insurance plan that will include generous missed connection and travel delay benefits.

InsureMyTrip's recommendation system has the ability to select a specific travel insurance plan based on the user's profile.

"As we continue to pioneer the technology in this space, we anticipate continued and highly visible improvement to the comparison and purchase experiences for our end users," says InsureMyTrip Director of Technology & Architecture Andy Bent, who leads the data team responsible for the algorithm tool.

The technology was first announced by InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace to industry leaders during a CES 2018 event. It is the first time, predictive models and Machine Learning (ML) techniques are being applied to travel insurance comparison.

The engine, nicknamed "SMART", is the only sophisticated algorithm developed specifically for travel insurance comparison. Travelers can have vastly different coverage needs, and SMART's goal is to deliver what's most important for each of them. Combining continuous learning through user interactions, vast libraries of data collected from past travelers, and the thousands of coverage options available on, the engine recommends the right plan for every traveler. A trusted tool for all travelers.

"We understand travel insurance is complicated. At InsureMyTrip, our goal is to help travelers get to the right travel insurance plan. Every time. This new pro-consumer technology is a real game changer for the entire insurance industry. This recommendation engine enables consumers to make confident buying decisions and encourages travel insurance companies to strengthen products to address the ever changing needs of travelers," says InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace.

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