Travel Insurance Tips for Weather in 2011

Last updated on 03/29/2023

WARWICK, RI, March 7, 2011 -- It’s hard to tell whether this winter’s paralyzing snowpocalypse, the devastating earthquake in New Zealand two weeks ago, or the recent rash of tornadoes hitting the Midwest are just the tip of Mother Nature’s iceberg wrath or a short-term series of havoc-wreaking temper tantrums. Either way, predicting the occurrence of natural disasters is never easy but preparing for the worst can be if you plan ahead with the proper travel insurance coverage.

“Travel insurance provides undeniable peace of mind protection, but more importantly, it also provides consumers very real personal and financial protection if and/or when bad things happen,” says Jim Grace, President and CEO of “Trip cancellation and interruption protection is based on the occurrence of unforeseen events which means you need to purchase travel insurance coverage before a flood, tornado, earthquake or the like is predicted, afterwards is too late.”
Trip Cancellation Package Policies offer the most comprehensive protection against natural disasters and weather-related events like hurricanes, though coverage differs by insurance company and plan. The covered cancellation reasons can include:

  • Destination made Uninhabitable: if your hotel, resort, or vacation rental is devastated by a storm
  • Primary Residence made Uninhabitable: if your own home sustains destructive storm damage
  • Cancel For Any Reason– an optional benefit that allows you to choose whether or not to cancel.
  • Cancellation due to Weather: when common carriers such as airlines and cruise lines cease service due to weather
  • Cancellation due to Hurricane Warning: cancellation of your trip if your destination is under a NOAA-issued hurricane warning

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SOURCE: InsureMyTrip