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Established in 1998, HCC Medical Insurance Services has crafted its plans over years of experience to benefit non-U.S. residents and U.S. residents alike. The plans available through InsureMyTrip.com are designed to assist travelers taking a single trip abroad, or multiple international trips throughout the year.


HCC Medical Insurance Services, headquartered in Texas, was established in 1998 and became one of the first to provide insurance products on the internet. They quickly became a recognized leader in the field of international health insurance, offering a complete portfolio of health and life insurance products to customers in over 130 countries.

Their claims and customer service department is located in the United States and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This gives insured travelers peace of mind that their needs will be met in a timely manner in the language they understand and speak fluently. They are committed to “Coverage Around the World”.


  • Health and life insurance products to customers in over 130 countries.
  • Plans available for U.S. residents and non-U.S. residents.
  • “Coverage Around the World” - a service commitment to all of their travelers.

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We didn't need to file a claim, but looking back, I am very glad that I bought the protection because, believe it or not, we went out to eat in a nice restaurant in Paris on the night of November 13, the same night that terrorists attacked another restaurant in Paris... And we were walking on Champs Elysees, in front of the Arc de Triomphe, at about the same time terrorists shot at passers-by elsewhere on the streets of Paris. We didn't need the coverage, but it was a lottery... I shudder to think that we could have had the losing number. It comforts me to think that, if I had needed it, I would have had good insurance coverage to help us out.
Ellis T.
Yes, I did recommend this to a friend. I don’t know if he purchased it. I got good coverage, and because I did, I didn’t need any claims. Went healthy, came back healthy.
Leslie M.
I decided to purchase the HCC Atlas International policy on the morning my cruise ship departed. Coverage began when it left the port. I had forgotten to buy coverage earlier and was happy to find this policy, even though I didn't need to file a claim. Peace of mind was worth the low price!
Jacqueline M.
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