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WorldTrips Atlas America

The WorldTrips Atlas America is a single-trip travel medical plan available to non-U.S. citizens who are traveling outside of their home country and coming to the United States. Your primary health insurance may not fully cover you while you are traveling abroad, and this plan can help to fill in those coverage gaps. You are able to customize your plan by selecting the medical limit and deductible amount that best fit your needs.

Trip interruption benefits can help with the cost of an economy one-way air or ground transportation back home. Covered reasons for trip interruption are destruction to more than 40% of your principal residence by fire or weather (after departure from home country) as well as the death of a parent, spouse, sibling, child or grandchild. Another travel protection coverage in this plan is baggage protection. It provides coverage for replacement of clothes and personal hygiene items if your bag is lost during transit.

Incidental Home Country Coverage is available to non-U.S. citizens or residents to a maximum of 30 days per three-month period of coverage. If you have an incidental trip back to your home country and incur medical expenses during that time, this benefit may be necessary.

This plan also provides coverage for a natural disaster. The natural disaster benefit can help to defray the cost of replacement accommodations in the event you are displaced from planned, paid accommodations due to evacuation from a forecasted disaster or following a disaster strike.

Coverages and Plan Info

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

Plan Info

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Trip Protection

Trip Interruption
Baggage Loss

Pre-Existing Conditions

Lookback Period

Accidental Death

Flight Only
Included in Accidental Death Common Carrier


Additional Benefits

24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Included Benefits
Natural Disaster - Replacement Accommodations ($250/day, 5 day max.)

Political Evacuation - $100,000

Emergency Quarantine Indemnity - COVID-19

If you are physically located in the State of NY, MD or WA and/or if the proposed insured is physically located in the state of MD, you are prohibited from purchasing this plan.

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Fortunately I didn’t file have to file any claim because I didn’t get sick. However I got free COVID-19 tests and vaccination ?
Majeed O.
My dad got a seizure and was interned in the ER of a major hospital in Houston. The final bill came to over $70K, and this insurance didn’t pay a penny.
Gonzalo L.
I bought Medical Travel Insurance I had a medical emergency the day before I was to fly home and they identified an infection in my gums that caused immense pain to my temple, eye and ear also. They extracted my Molar and told me I would be risking possible hospitalisation if I was to fly the next day. The following Day the pain continued and I returned to the clinic (recommended by Oncall of Tokio Marine) - each step I was reporting to Oncall for their advice and keeping them up to date. I had a 2nd tooth removed and a Gum Irrigation procedure to treat a gum disease which had infected and was the cause of my pain. It was 21 hours between when the pain began and when I bega treatment. The Doctor advised there was no way I could fly for 48-72 hours after all that had been done and provided Certification. I advised Oncall (Tokio Marine) with the claim reference number they had issued on the first phone call, they told me to advise the airlines immediately of the 2 international flights I had later that day. 1 day later I called Oncall to see what other documents I needed to present to activate my insurance, they said they are only a 3 es party service provider and would have to speak with the administrator of the policy (Tokio Marine). I asked them to send the information filed under my claim number but they said they had no information at all. I spoke to Tokio Marine they said I needed to fill out their online application to start the claim. I asked about my flights and spending money as I am visually impaired (legally blind - 25% overall vision and complete loss of central vision) they said that any claim would not be analizas until the online application and relevant documents had been received and then 48-72 hours for them to enter system. I spent 9 hours ina Staples store being assisted to scan and print emails as PDF documents of receipts paid for dental treatment, travel to and from clinic, flights and over the course of 2 days was able to submit the online claim. - nearly 200 pages in total with all email and sms correspondance of the information I had been given and my updates. I then rang Tokio Marine to see that they had received my claim and they said it would not be into system for 48-72 business hours (I believe she meant 2-3 business days) I then explained that I was urgently needing money to change flights and have personal funds until first flight available in 3 days. They said it was impossible and would take 35-40 days to analiza the claim and they would communicate with me. Am stuck in Miami, waiting to return to South America, made contact with an old client (by luck) who emptied out a deposit for me to be able to sleep in. I am working in his factory 4-6 hours a day to have enough money to eat until my flight out, with my visual impairment. Overall, EXTREMELY disappointed should NOT call it Travel Insurance. Paid extension Go to hospital and let them evacuate you, do not try avoid costa for insurer, they do not think of you.
Adam T.
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