Black Friday Might Be Over, but People Still Want a Deal: Helping Clients Get What They Want

Last updated on 02/02/2024

Buckle up: the holiday shopping season is the busiest time of the year for retail stores. With Black Friday in our rear-view mirror, now is the time to think about how you can boost your sales and help clients plan a trip worth getting excited about, all at the same time. To help you achieve both, we've collected some top strategies for you to consider, including travel discounts, how you can promote your services, being a client's guide to travel insurance coverage, and more.

Offer Special Deals and Discounts

Thanks to Black Friday, everybody wants a deal. To prepare for this, consider what services you offer that you could discount, or what travel deals might be possible in collaboration with your partner businesses. Consider creating exclusive packages or partnering with hotels, airlines, and tour operators to offer discounted rates. Whether it's a percentage off the total package, free upgrades, or complimentary add-ons, these travel discounts can be key to attracting new customers (and helping them get excited about new travel adventures).

In addition, make sure you're aware of the deals your customers may ask about. For instance, they may look to you as a guide to travel insurance, hoping you can show them where to find promotional offers on coverage for their trip. With multiple providers and plan options to choose from, one of the best ways you can answer questions about Black Friday travel insurance deals is to direct them to a comparison site like InsureMyTrip, which has licensed professionals who may be able to help them figure out their choices.

Promote Your Deals Often

Once you've figured out the travel discounts you can present to your clients, spread the word. With so many marketing channels for your customers to pay attention to, make sure you speak to them wherever they might be looking, including email newsletters and your website. On social media, where information can become quickly hidden by new content or the mysterious workings of algorithms, keep your deals visible by making visually interesting posts that you can pin to the top of your accounts. When audiences know that they can save on their next big adventure, they'll get more excited about planning their trip (and getting in touch with you).

Make it Easy for Clients to Choose You

Black Friday deals are usually big, but also fleeting, meaning your customers will be looking to book travel quickly and easily. Once you have your travel discounts decided and announced, make them easy to reach. Confirm that your site is updated, that it's easy to use, and that your booking process is streamlined. You should also check that your contact information is visible, so customers can easily reach you if they do run into any confusion.

You can also make yourself the obvious choice to potential clients by keeping them informed. For example, an FAQ page is a great way to let your website visitors know important information about considerations like holiday or New Year travel insurance if they're buying time-sensitive travel packages. This is also an ideal location to let them know how to search for Black Friday travel insurance deals, or how to compare travel coverage options.

Be Responsive

With your contact information clearly visible on your site or during the booking process, expect an influx of questions about both your travel deals and the booking process. It's always important to be able to respond to your customers in a timely manner, but it's essential during this time of year, when discounts have a specific and urgent time limit.

If you have a customer service team, train them so they provide fast, personalized service via live chat, phone, email, or social media. If you have a small team (or if you're a team of one), consider chatbots to help save time. Chatbots could seem like an impersonal approach at first glance; however, they can save time both for you and your customers. By engaging with a chatbot on your social media account, customers can have a self-service, automated experience that can quickly get them to common questions, like refund or cancellation policies. This can save you time to provide personalized guidance through the booking process for customers making more complex arrangements.

Be Caring—Tell Them to Consider Travel Insurance

While your customers may already be aware of the need for it, others may need you to be their guide to travel insurance. You can best introduce them to it by letting them know there are options available that could financially protect them should obstacles arise on their trip. Depending on the coverage option they choose, your customers may be protected if their flights are cancelled, they need medical attention while traveling, or their luggage becomes lost or damaged.

With so many providers offering a range of plans to choose from, though, you can’t know everything about available plans (if you’re not a licensed professional, you also can’t offer insurance recommendations or advice). However, if your clients are still asking about Black Friday travel insurance deals or even New Year travel insurance for time-specific holiday bookings, you can let them know that one of the best ways to find travel insurance that fits their budget and coverage needs is by comparing quotes.

That’s why we created InsureMyTrip, an insurance comparison tool that lets your customers compare plans from a broad range of top providers. As the leading site of its kind, InsureMyTrip helps travelers make educated decisions using unbiased information so they can go on their trips with confidence and excitement for what their journey will bring.

To get more information about travel insurance or begin their search for New Year travel insurance (or coverage for spring break, summer holidays, and anything in between) they can start a quote.