Pet Friendly Travel Ideas

Last updated on 01/14/2020

Pet Friendly Travel IdeasWe often hear from travelers who are interested in taking a trip with their pets, so we wanted to do a bit more exploration of the world of pet-friendly travel. From grand amenities for Fido to doggie daycare for Fluffy, these four places seem worth exploring with your four-legged friends.

The Stanford Inn, Mendocino, CA

At the Stanford Inn, they pride themselves on not only being one of the pioneer pet-friendly destinations, but also on doing things with the best interests of your cuddly companion in mind. Where many pet-friendly hotels offer special menus for your dog or cat, the Stanford does not – reasoning that pets who are away from home will eat better and be happier if they have their own familiar food. There are, however, specially baked sweet-potato biscuits available, which the hotel endorses as being gentle for the digestion of four-legged guests.

The Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, CA

All Loewe’s Hotel properties advertise themselves as being pet-friendly, but what sets the Coronado Bay Resort apart, in our minds, is the availability of doggie surfing. Yes, you read that right: Owners who are interested in hanging 10 (or, um, 20?) with their pooches can sign up for the Sur-Ruff package, which includes the use of a dog-sized surfboard, some surf-friendly attire for your pal, and a lesson with local surf instructors. We’re resisting the urge to make a bad joke about doing the dog paddle.

Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco, Portland, OR

Proving that not EVERY pet-friendly destination is in California, the Hotel Monaco takes the concept of pet amenities to a whole new, um, dimension. As a baseline, Kimpton properties all provide many amenities to pets at no additional charge to their owners, but only at the Monaco can you actually ask your pup what he thought of all the pampering – and get a response. Sessions with a renowned pet psychic are among the “special arrangements” the Monaco’s staff will make upon request.