Alcohol and Travel Insurance

Your trip is most likely not all business all the time. Even if it is a work trip, you’re bound to engage in some "extracurricular activities". Some may involve alcoholic beverages, if you are of age. But did you know most travel insurance plans exclude coverage if you are under the influence of alcohol?

There are so many questions and concerns that arise when you mix alcohol with travel insurance. For instance, you may have a couple glasses of wine with dinner and then become a victim of a mugging during the walk home. Will the travel insurance company deny the claim? If you drank, but weren’t drunk, will that make a difference? What if you were drinking pool side and slip, injuring your leg? Will the medical coverage be denied?

While the travel insurance companies do have a right to deny a claim based on intoxication, they may also look at how the alcohol played a part in the incident. The claims service will consider all the evidence given to determine how alcohol may have led to the event.

If it is determined that alcohol consumption directly related to the reason for the claim (like an injury or lost item), your claim may be denied. However, if the incident is completely unrelated (like being robbed or baggage loss) you may be provided reimbursement.

It’s extremely important to remember that no situation is the same and no claim is guaranteed to be paid. Even the hypotheticals we discussed above could end the opposite way we may have inferred. Whether a claim is denied or not is contingent entirely on the documents provided and the plan certificate details. When it comes to reviewing claims there are many gray areas, especially when alcohol is involved.