MedjetAssist Standard

The MedjetAssist Standard membership can be purchased for durations of one, two, three and five years. The coverage would be for trip lengths up to 90 days maximum per trip, but you can travel multiple times within the membership period. For instance, you can travel from January 1st to February 12th, return home and then travel April 1st to May 3rd without having to purchase a separate membership for each trip during the annual membership period. The membership does only cover you while traveling 150 miles away from home.

This membership is available for travelers age 74 and under, their spouse and up to five unmarried dependent children that will be traveling more than 150 miles away from home.

If you are hospitalized during your trip and would like to be transported back to a hospital of your choice, MedjetAssist will make arrangements based on your condition. Whether it is by air ambulance or on a commercial airline with a MedjetAssist authorized medical escort, your transport will be monitored to make sure you get the best care as you are transported from the hospital which you were initially admitted. Best of all, you can be transported to your hospital of choice. This allows you the comfort that you will be treated close to home, with family and friends around to support your recovery.

For travelers age 75 to 85, please call us at 1-800-487-4722 for the MedjetAssist Diamond Membership.

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Medical Evacuation
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I have used Insuremytrip twice and have never used the insurance but I always feel confident about the plans that I have for our trips. The agents who helped me find the right policy are always very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I have recommended Insuremytrip to many friends too.
Constance W.
Luckily, I never had to use this. However, I was glad I had this knowing that if something was to occur, I would be covered.
Dang N.
We were travelling in Asia with standard travel insurance which included med evacuation to the nearest hospital they determined could handle a medical problem. No way I wanted to be in Asia with a problem. So I purchased MedJet Assist to have the peace of mind that I could return to any hospital in the US. I got one year of coverage at a very reasonable cost. Perfect.
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