Airports to Avoid During the Holidays

This Week in Links, Travel Disruptions Edition

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It’s time for another weekly wrap-up, covering the travel (and travel insurance) content that particularly caught our attention over the past seven days. This week, as winter storms continue to roll through the nation, it’s all about the cancellations and delays.

Flight cancellations soar (see what we did there?)

According to, over 33,000 US flights have been cancelled since the beginning of 2014.  That’s an average of nearly 1400 flights per day, for those who are keeping track.  We also can’t resist pointing out that the Skift article recommends travel insurance during the winter months.

Speaking of flight cancellations and insurance…

You can read more about that recommendation in this article about Trip Cancellation Coverage.

Winter Storm Kronos approaches.

The Weather Channel is warning that severe weather may threaten millions of people as Kronos roars through Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  Icy road conditions are a major concern, which could not only keep people housebound, but may shut down air travel and other modes of transportation as well.

Preparing to travel in severe weather.

You can’t always know what’s going to happen with the weather when you book a trip, unless you’ve got a crystal ball handy.  There are some key questions you can ask yourself, however, which can save you a lot of hassles later on if the weather does turn sour.  Now seems like a good time to brush up on travel preparations in case of severe weather.

Air traffic controllers threaten to strike.

Beware the 29th and 30th of January if you’re traveling through Europe. Air traffic controllers have announced a planned strike that could affect travel in up to 28 different countries — quite a mess for all concerned.

By the way, does travel insurance cover a strike?

That’s the next logical question to ask yourself, given the air traffic controllers’ announcement. You can get the facts in this article about travel insurance, strikes, and known perils.

And finally, the voyage we’re all probably wishing had been cancelled…

From the files of “You can’t make this up” comes the now-viral story about the cruise ship infested with cannibalistic rats, which is potentially due to run aground somewhere in Great Britain any day now.  We haven’t got any travel insurance advice to offer, or any articles in our archives about coverage for a ghost ship of vermin re-enacting the Donner Party’s trip.  We just think it’s a weird, strangely fascinating story for browsing on a Friday afternoon.

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