Filing a Travel Insurance Claim: The Administrator's Role

As the party responsible for claims communications with the travel insurance company, you’ll need to provide all necessary documentations. You may need to work with students, parents and other authorities to collect the various documents needed to file a claim.

You should be prepared to be the single point of contact. Allowing others to send bits and pieces to the insurance company on their own could cause confusion later.

To streamline the process, you should fully understand the terms of the plan before filing a claim. This will make it easier to weed out situations that do not fall within in the terms of reimbursement, thus eliminating unnecessary work.

  1. Throughout the student enrollment process and during any communications with the insurance company, be diligent about proofreading and double-checking information. Even a small misspelling of a student’s name could later cause unnecessary delays in the claims process, which is a headache you can avoid.
  2. Stay in touch with the insurance company to communicate any changes in itinerary, departure and arrival dates, or other amendments to student travel details.
  3. Keep all receipts and documents related to the trip and travel arrangements in an easily accessible place. Email correspondence with any parties related to the travel program should also be archived. Encourage students to also keep receipts for personal belongings they intend to bring with them on the trip. Snapping pictures of their belongings as they pack is also recommended, so they can provide evidence of their losses in case something gets lost or stolen.
  4. If a student requires medical care or law enforcement assistance while abroad, be sure to communicate with these authorities as quickly as possible to request copies of medical records and police reports. These documents are more difficult to obtain once the trip is over.
  5. Throughout the claims process, keep detailed records of documentations sent, email and phone communications, and communication details (time, dates and names of representatives) that work on the claim.
Written by on 4/23/15.
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