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If you’re traveling in a group of 10 or more people, there are two different approaches you might take to purchasing travel insurance. Each traveler or family unit within the group might want to purchase their own travel insurance policies independently of what others are buying, which is certainly a viable solution. In that case, if that one family or individual has a problem before or during the trip that causes them to change their plans, they’d be covered under the terms of their policy; however, if their difficulty also impacted the other travelers in the group, having different policies and different terms of coverage might mean that others traveling with them may not be so lucky.

The other option for group travelers is to look into purchasing a travel insurance policy specifically designed for groups. There are many options available, with most of the same coverage choices that are offered on individual policies. The key difference is that when you purchase a group policy, you’re able to insure each person who is traveling in the group under the same umbrella. The terms of every traveler’s insurance coverage will be identical, meaning that if the misfortune of one person affects the plans of the entire group, whatever coverage applies according to the policy will apply to everyone. That kind of continuity could mean the difference between a successful and smooth recovery from a travel mishap for the whole group, or a disjointed transition as various members try to sort through what their benefits and options might be according to their different travel insurance policies.

There are some situations, however, in which having separate policies within a group might make sense. For example, if one or two people in the group require specialized coverage or have specific concerns that are not shared by the others, they might need to purchase their own policies to make sure that they are covered for those concerns. While it may be possible to insure an entire group of people with a pre-existing conditions waiver or a Cancel for Any Reason benefit, for example, the whole group may not want or need that level of coverage. In that case, the person or persons who really feel strongly about purchasing a travel insurance policy that offers those coverage options may want to explore purchasing his or her own policy.

There is no one right solution for every group, but if traveling together and sharing the same experiences is truly important to you, it’s worth exploring a travel insurance policy that’s specifically designed to offer your entire group the same level of coverage so you’ll know what benefits apply to all of you in the case of an unforeseen emergency that disrupts your plans. Be sure to thoroughly investigate the terms of any policy you are thinking of purchasing and find out whether or not it meets the needs of all members of your group. And in the end, if you can’t come to a decision about travel insurance that makes every traveler happy, there are always individual policies available to meet the needs and desires of every member of your group.

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my friends and I (3 adults) - planning to travel to Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos Myanmar and Java. Jan 29,2013 to Feb 10, 2014. Can we get a group policy?


Our Group plans are for 10 or more people traveling together. If you and your friends all live in the same state you can all be on the same policy.
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