InsureMyTrip and Cruise Critic Answer Top Cruise Questions for 2023

Last updated on 03/28/2023

WARWICK, R.I., Dec. 12, 2022 -- Wave Season is right around the corner. And with inflation, the cost of travel is increasing – including cruises.

According to data from InsureMyTrip, policyholders paid an average of $4,104 to take a cruise between January – March of 2022. For the same time in 2023 – policyholders will pay an estimated $6,250. That's a $2,100 increase.

Despite the price hike, Cruise Critic's 'November 2022 Sentiment Survey' found 59% of participants plan to book a cruise within the next six months.

So, after a successful webinar on "Cruise Trends for 2023," InsureMyTrip, and Cruise Critic are once again joining forces to help travelers find the best deals and make the most informed decisions when booking a cruise in the new year.

Meghan Walch, Director of Product for InsureMyTrip and Colleen McDaniel from Cruise Critic are answering the most frequently asked questions about what to expect in 2023 for the Cruise Industry.

Q: I'm looking for a deal. Should I book a cruise before or during wave season?

McDaniel: You're likely to score a great deal at either time, but the big question is around your flexibility. If you have specific needs or preferences (date, ship, cabin type), it's early enough that you'll likely be able to book exactly what you're looking for – and secure a great deal.

The perk to "Wave Season" is you see a wide array of deals across cruise lines all at once. So, you can compare offerings and have a broad selection of savings on things like drinks packages, cabin upgrades, onboard credit, gratuities and more.

Note: Wave Season is the time of year (typically January – March) when cruise lines are known to release cruise deals.

Q: What are the most important features of travel insurance for cruises?

Walch: If you're traveling out of the country – we recommend emergency medical coverage because most domestic health insurance plans will not cover medical bills overseas.

Emergency medical is usually included in a comprehensive plan - which also includes coverage for trip cancellation, going home early, flight delay, and baggage loss/damage.

Q: Should I buy travel insurance through the cruise line or a third party?

Walch: I recommend you do your research – don't just check the travel insurance box on a cruise line website. These plans may not cover what you think they will.

InsureMyTrip researchers analyzed popular cruise lines and found while many offer basic travel insurance perks, few cruise lines offer robust trip cancellation insurance or expansive emergency medical care coverage.

You can compare cruise line and third-party travel insurance on our new and improved "Insuring Your Cruise" page on

Q: What precautions are cruise ships taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

McDaniel: Cruise lines continue to be dedicated to the cleanliness of their ships. The protocols they established well-before Covid have continued to be improved upon throughout the pandemic.

We've heard from our readers who have recently cruised that they felt safer onboard their cruise ship than they did at any other point in their travel journey.

Q: What's the piece of advice you give most frequently to those considering a cruise?

McDaniel: Don't book solely on price. It's easy to see a low fare and want to jump on it immediately. But it's important to do your research to make sure it's the right ship and experience for you. Read reviews from other cruisers (we have them on Cruise Critic) and read more about what you can expect onboard.

Walch: I would recommend cruisers purchase travel insurance with the added Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR). If you need to cancel a cruise for something other than a covered reason – CFAR may reimburse you up to 50%-75% of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs.

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