Oddest Ice Cream Flavors Around the World

Last updated on 03/27/2023

Oddest Ice Cream Flavors

Sometimes, it's fun to think about all the different cuisines and delicacies that may await travelers in different destinations. Ice cream is such a popular treat that we couldn't resist looking up some of the well-loved flavors in other countries. Our research led us to some unusual ice cream flavors that may (or may not!) be worth the trip.

Garlic Clove Ice Cream

Unsurprisingly, at the rather famous Gilroy Garlic Festival, they’ve made garlic into just about anything you can think of – including ice cream. Fans line up each year for a cone, and those who have tasted it swear that it’s not as, uh, pungent as you might imagine.

Spaghetti & Cheese Ice Cream

Heladeria Coromoto ice cream shop in Merida, Venezuela makes a habit of mixing up unusual flavors. It’s rumored that, while they sell only about 100 flavors each day, they’ve offered as many as 900. Once you reach that number, you realize that at some point, spaghetti and cheese must be just about the only thing left you haven’t done.

Lobster Ice Cream

Where else but New England? Ben and Bill’s ice cream shops have been much hailed for their lobster ice cream. Their description sheds a bit of light on the flavor: Butter ice cream, mixed with chunks of lobster meat. If you can’t get to them at one of their locations in Massachusetts or Maine, they do ship the stuff...

Parakeet Flavor

Don’t worry: Apparently, no parakeets were harmed in the making of this ice cream flavor. Nor cockatoos. Nor any other species of pet bird, though the Japanese café that created the flavors has several bird-inspired varieties. The descriptions provided by Torimi café are impressive if confusing; they claim that the ice creams variously conjure up the images of pressing a pet bird to your mouth, falling asleep and having a bird stick its foot in your mouth, or eating ice cream while smelling your pet bird. Yeeeeahhhhh.