Helping Your Client Travel Internationally on a Domestic Budget

Last updated on 05/30/2024

International travel will always have a place near the top of your clients' lists of dream vacations, and for good reason—nothing is as exciting as setting off for parts unknown to experience new cultures, taste new food, and create memories that will be great stories when they get back to their day jobs.

However, traveling abroad can be more expensive than they realize, and that's where their travel agent can be a trusted resource. To help you help them have the best trip possible, we've collected our top tips for affordable international travel.

Recommend Affordable Destinations

When clients first approach you for travel advice or booking services, they may be thinking only of the most trending vacation spots (i.e. destinations where there may not be a ton of wiggle room on prices). That doesn't mean affordable international travel is impossible, though—they may just need help discovering less expensive locales. When you offer solutions in this vein, consider what your clients' main interests are in their first choice, then research alternatives that can offer the same types of cultural, adventure-travel, or other features they were aiming for. The end result could be a happy medium in which clients find satisfaction and build stronger trust in you because helped them travel abroad for cheap.

Try for the Shoulder Seasons

In addition to alternative locations, you can also suggest going on vacation in the shoulder seasons to your clients looking for affordable international travel. Going on a trip to their preferred destination during typical off seasons could help them take advantage of discounted pricing for accommodations. Better yet, it could mean there will be fewer crowds where they're going, making for an even more relaxing getaway. Peak travel times vary by region and country, so if you suggest this option, make sure you research the shoulder seasons for the specific destination a client wants to visit.

Pass on Hotels

Clients who want to travel abroad for cheap can help themselves out by passing on hotel accommodations. Room service, luxurious décor, and the occasional snack from the minifridge all sound nice, but they can come at a steep cost, whether your clients are traveling domestically or overseas. Instead, recommend rental home options. Depending on the size of the group your client is traveling with, they can find accommodations ranging from a bedroom in a host's home, to entire villas. By sharing the cost with the rest of their group, the rental becomes a more budget-friendly (and sometimes even more stylish) way to achieve affordable international travel.

Protect Clients' Financial Interests with Travel Insurance

No matter where—or how—your clients decide to travel, they deserve to have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience possible. That means worrying about the obstacles that could arise on their trip as little as they can. That's why, when you're making other solid recommendations to help them travel abroad for a great price, you may suggest they consider insurance for international travel.

They may have general questions about it at first, mainly, "Should you buy travel insurance for international travel?" While the answer to that depends on their specific budget and needs, we at would recommend that they think about it, especially if they're already looking for ways to travel abroad for cheap. When they find the insurance for international travel that best fits their needs, their policy may be able to reimburse them for costs associated with lost or damaged luggage, flight cancellations, needs for medical attention, and more.

The best way to find that coverage is by comparing travel insurance options here at InsureMyTrip. As the world's first travel insurance comparison website, we can help find and compare quotes from top providers, all in one place. With our dedicated Customer Care team, we also have licensed professionals on standby to answer any coverage questions they may have (including that age-old "Should you buy travel insurance for international travel" question they had for you).

To get started, they can learn more about travel insurance from our helpful articles, then start a quote.