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Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) is committed to providing travelers with trip protection that is simpler and smarter than ever before. BHTP has an innovative claim platform that lets travelers initiate a claim with a simple picture from their mobile device. And, if that claim is brought to fulfillment, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection works to get a traveler reimbursed faster.


When you purchase a plan from Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP), you are protecting your trip with a comprehensive travel insurance plan you can depend on.

It’s hard to ignore BHTP’s commitments to the travelers who purchase their plans. BHTP communicates the way you communicate; whether that’s through social media, online chat, email, text or a phone call. BHTP is there for you, no matter the reason, in a way that best fits your busy life.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection works hard to streamline the claims process to reimburse their travelers faster than ever. With the snap of a photo, your claim (such as a claim for a lost or stolen bag) can be launched through your mobile device.

If that claim, or any other, is approved, you’ll be waiting less time for that reimbursement – getting that money directly deposited into the account of your choice. Gone are the days of having to wait for a paper check that needs to be endorsed and deposited into your account. With Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s electronic autopay system, you’ll receive your money faster so you can get back to your trip.

The comprehensive benefits that are included, as well as optional coverages and upgrades available to most travelers, make the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection plans an excellent choice for travelers. For instance, if you purchase the plan within 15 days of your initial trip payment, you’ll most likely be eligible to include:

  • pre-existing condition waiver
  • trip cancellation and interruption due to financial default
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage for common carriers

Still unsure? Every BHTP plan includes a 15-Day Free Look, meaning, you have 15 days to decide if the plan is the right plan for you and your trip.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is the marketing name for the travel insurance products underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company.


  • Fast mobile claims process, reimbursing approved claims faster than ever.
  • Express deposits for claim reimbursement with electronic autopay.
  • Service available through the communication method that is best for you.

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My tablet screen cracked while on my trip. And my insurance covered up to a certain amount for baggage and personal effects. So I called them Friday while on my trip. I was emailed within two days just as promised with the claim paperwork. I finished the required paperwork on Tuesday. Then that very afternoon my claim was approved. And the next Monday I got my check! I am very happy with this insurance.
Lorraine V.
This was a very long and expensive trip - we were thankful to have a company that would cover us for four months. People in other countries don't have the many options that we have. Since we didn't have a claim, I can't really attest to the value of the insurance.
Stanley H.
A friend fell and broke her ankle. She asked for assistance in contacting airlines and airports to provide her with a wheel chair, no claim was made, no money was requested. Berkshire Hathaway declined request for assistance. No more InsureMyTrip for me or my friends.
Armando P.
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