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Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International has been providing comprehensive travel insurance plans to worldwide travelers for over 20 years. The company runs off their founder’s principles – Pete’s Principles, ensuring that the customers’ needs are first and foremost in any customer service process.


Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International offers an array of travel insurance protection benefits including emergency evacuation, trip cancellation and trip interruption protection, medical care coverage, baggage protection and more.

For over 20 years, they have been committed to “understanding, anticipating and fulfilling” the customers’ needs. This is the first of Pete’s Principles. Representatives at Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International listen and learn from their customers to build travel insurance plans that speak to their needs and possible concerns.

They endeavor to give the customer quality customer service that goes above and beyond for their customers. The customer service team is dedicated to doing this with compassionate and friendly service.


  • Over 20 years of travel insurance experience.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance plans built with customer experience in mind.
  • Customer service teams that put the customer first with compassion and friendliness.

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Since my trip was uneventful, I didn't utilize any of your services or need reimbursement. Therefore, I can't opine on how easy it may be to collect for damages. However, I did have peace of mind knowing that potentially I was "in good hands."
Eugene R.
Satisfaction with the plan was rated 4-star as I did not need to submit a claim. Rationale why the policy was needed: I wanted to obtain a medical and evacuation policy. Though I did not need it for trip cancellation and interruption (I used points for the airfare and my credit card provided some degree of trip cancellation and interruption coverage, this policy came with it, which was a nice bonus. In addition, I was not seeking a Cadillac plan - just a policy for some coverage in the unlikely event of a terrorist event in the destination cities. Finally, the cost was extremely reasonable for my spouse and myself.
Jeffrey D.
I was blessed and did not have to use my coverage.
Patricia P.
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