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Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International

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Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International has been providing comprehensive travel insurance plans to worldwide travelers for over 20 years. The company runs off their founder’s principles – Pete’s Principles, ensuring that the customers’ needs are first and foremost in any customer service process.


Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International offers an array of travel insurance protection benefits including emergency evacuation, trip cancellation and trip interruption protection, medical care coverage, baggage protection and more.

For over 20 years, they have been committed to “understanding, anticipating and fulfilling” the customers’ needs. This is the first of Pete’s Principles. Representatives at Crum & Forster - Travel Insured International listen and learn from their customers to build travel insurance plans that speak to their needs and possible concerns.

They endeavor to give the customer quality customer service that goes above and beyond for their customers. The customer service team is dedicated to doing this with compassionate and friendly service.


  • Over 20 years of travel insurance experience
  • Comprehensive travel insurance plans built with customer experience in mind
  • Customer service teams that put the customer first with compassion and friendliness

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Please read!! Our Ireland trip was planned for April 2020 but obviously Covid got in the way. At that time, if I cancelled we would have received back 100% since the policy was purchased pre-Covid. We still hoped to travel to Ireland so I asked about moving the trip to a later date instead of making a claim but wanted to be sure my coverage would stay the same. I was told I could move it with the same coverage. I kept the policy instead of making a claim and in January 2021 I moved the travel dates to July 14-25 which seemed reasonable for the Ireland to open for travel. On May 31, I was informed by our tour company that Ireland wouldn't open to US travelers until July 19. We were landing on July 15 so we would miss it by 4 days. I tried to change our dates but was unable. On June 29, I cancelled with our tour company. Two weeks notice seemed like a fair amount of time to give notice to a small family owned tour company. July 19 was a government set date that I had no way to get around. I contacted C&F in late July to let them know I was submitting a claim. They promptly sent me an email with a list of documentation required to support the claim. I provided everything. I only claimed the tour company deposit which was $1466 of a $6100 policy. Our plan was to use the flight credits in the future. In late August I received a call from a C&F agent stating that I had been approved for reimbursement but for only 75% for Cancel for Any Reason. I asked why I wasn't getting 100% since it was a pre-Covid policy and was told that based on her "research" I was actually able to get into Ireland starting on January 26, 2021 which she had read on the US Embassy for Ireland's website. I explained that January 26 couldn't be possible because it didn't open until July 19. I was told to provide documentation and/or website links to prove that date. Within a few hours, I provided the supporting links including one directly from the US Embassy for Ireland's website which states that non-essential US travelers were not allowed in until July 19, 2021 without quarantining for 2 weeks. I did not point out that in all her "research" she failed to notice that the January 26 date was for travelers coming INTO the United States not into Ireland. I assume it was an honest mistake but simple internet research supported the July 19 date that I indicated on my claim. This morning I received a call that my appeal was denied. I'll still only receive 75% CFR because I did not provide proof that we couldn't enter Ireland on June 29 (the day I cancelled). Ireland has been closed since Covid started which they no doubt know. So I provided proof that it didn't reopen its borders until July 19 BUT they want to me prove that I couldn't enter 20 days earlier (when I cancelled). No joke. Sure sounds like a shell game to avoid paying the additional 25%. I realize it's only 25% but its about principle now so I'm having InsureMyTrip mediate. I'll update my review when this resolved.
Cheryl M.
Douglas O.
Everything was good. I fell down and broke bones. The only thing that was a bit difficult was finding a telephone number that went through from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to the USA. It was a good private hospital and all charges were paid by insurance.
Daniel M.
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