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Generali Global Assistance

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Travel insurance plans provided by Generali Global Assistance (Formerly CSA Travel Protection) are backed by their Customer Commitment to provide superior products and services, attentive customer care and personalized claims handling. With a Generali plan you can rest assured that they will uphold their reputation and stand by you in a stressful time to insure a smooth, in-house claims process.


Generali Global Assistance is a full-service travel insurance and assistance provider. Formerly doing business as CSA Travel Protection, Generali Global Assistance customers will receive the same outstanding customer service and travel insurance plans they have come to expect from the company over the past 25 years. Their Standard, Preferred, Premium, and Vacation Rental Damage plans are built on the diverse needs of today’s travelers.

As part of the Assicurazioni Generali Group—one of the largest insurance companies in the world—Generali Global Assistance prides itself on delivering a simpler, smarter approach to insuring and servicing millions of customers each year. Plans are underwritten by Generali U.S. Branch.

Like many other travel insurance companies, they provide a 24-hour emergency hotline from anywhere in the world to help customers access a global network of physicians and care providers. Customers also receive concierge services for a variety of traveling needs including pet relocation assistance as well as Identity Theft Resolution Services.

Unsure if a travel insurance plan is right for you, but want to take advantage of time-sensitive benefits? Generali Global Assistance offers a 10-day review period in most states and a 30-day review period for residents of Indiana. If you decide the plan doesn’t work for your needs at any time during the review period you can cancel for a full refund, provided you have not left for your trip or filed a claim.


  • 3 comprehensive plan options and a vacation rental damage option offered to provide superior coverage and services
  • 24-hour emergency and concierge services for your travel needs around the world
  • 10-day review period for a full refund of premium, provided you meet all requirements (state specific)

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It is hard to say if the coverage was adequate because we didn't have to use it, we needed supplementary coverage because of Covid requirements to enter the country we were visiting. This is the first time we've needed this specific coverage. I found it a little pricey. Over $600 for 2 people for 8 days. I think the price varies in relation to how close you are to the travel date. I'm not sure why that would matter but, I got that impression. It was hard for me to select which coverage I needed because there is so much information. Luckily, I had a knowledgeable friend walk me through it after he purchased his. I also think its odd that when I came to the review page the question of , Did you file a claim? was already filled out, so they don't know if I was planning to file one. Maybe that option should be added. They also checked "yes" to say I would recommend them. While I would, I find that a bit presumptive.
Michael R.
I did not have to use the plan but I am grateful I had the insurance in case anything happened. On a previous trip the airlines lost our baggage and it was a great inconvenience. My most recent trip was uneventful, thankfully.
A silent partner
Frank P.
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