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With over 80 years of experience in insurance, Nationwide, which is based in Ohio, brings this expertise to their library of plans available here at InsureMyTrip. Each Nationwide trip insurance plan is designed to meet the specific needs of travelers.


Nationwide knows what travelers need, and sometimes that is assistance. That is why they have a 24-hour assistance line. Their assistance service can help you with pre- and post-departure needs like determining exchange rates, passport information, and lost baggage retrieval. All of their plans are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Nationwide Life Insurance Company and Nationwide Mutual Fire.

Nationwide also has a specific library of plans that are geared toward going on a cruise. If you are planning on going on a cruise, you’ll want to look at these options as they will provide tailored coverage for your trip.


  • Over 80 years of experience in the insurance industry
  • Access to a 24-hour assistance hotline for helping you answer any question for travel
  • Specific plans designed for going on a cruise

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After looking at many travel insurance providers, we chose Nationwide. Unfortunately, my wife got sick and had to go to the medical center on the Carnival Breeze. We filed with our primary insurance and with Nationwide. My primary applied the entire amount to our deductible. Nationwide paid the entire amount. Yes you have to provide ALL the documents needed and it does take a while. Our cruise was in January and we got the check the 1st week of April. It took longer for my primary to process the claim. Once they received the necessary documents, Nationwide paid in about 15 or so days. We’re very happy with the process. Thank you Nationwide
Robert W.
I waited until I submitted my claim on trip interruption part to see how it went. They came through and I received the amount claimed, after filing the proper information. I will also say I needed to contact them at least twice to make sure I understood what was needed for my claim and the agents I emailed and/called on phone were very helpful in aiding me to file properly. I appreciate all that was done, as I have never had to submit any claims on my many past trip coverages. Naturally I would recommend them after this proven positive experience. Oh by the way, I needed to file this claim after I returned home around March 9-12 2020. Note that date - around the time the worldwide coved 19 just started to become an issue!! So I was a bit stressed as I had returned home immediately after all this corona panademic began unfolding in the US. NOTE: ALWAYS KEEP all records and receipts from the moment you plan an insure your trip until you arrive home, as you will need such records to submit along with your claim. Without proof you cannot expect reimbursement (obviously)
Ralph M.
Due to my father's death we had to cancel a trip to Sweden and Denmark. Once we submitted all the paperwork (electronically), the claim was processed quickly and the payment sent. The amount we requested and substantiated was sent. We did take the time to provide a lot of documentation which probably helped make our claim an easy one to process. I would use Nationwide again for trip insurance.
Cynthia J.
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