Nationwide Essential

The Nationwide Essential plan is a good option if you are planning a trip on a budget, but don't want to sacrifice coverage.

With coverages like trip cancellation, trip interruption and baggage protection, this plan includes the standard comprehensive travel insurance coverages. It also features some additional options. You can add the optional coverages for rental car collision if you are planning on using a rental car during your trip. Be sure to call your rental car company to verify if they will honor this coverage.

If you purchase the plan within 10 days of your initial trip payment; insure the full pre-paid, non-refundable cost of the trip; and meet all the eligibility requirements you could qualify for additional time sensitive benefits, such as financial default coverage and the pre-existing conditions exclusions waiver.

This plan also includes medical coverage for unexpected medical and dental emergencies. If you qualify for the pre-existing conditions exclusions waiver, you could receive treatment for illness or injury associated with that pre-existing condition, regardless of the lookback period. The plan also includes emergency medical evacuation if the attending physician recommends that your condition warrants transportation to another medical facility.

Coverages and Plan Info

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

Plan Summary

Highlighted Coverages

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Pre-Existing Condition Lookback Period
Medical Evacuation

Plan Info

Plan Type
View Certificate
Refund Policy
Available to
AM Best Rating
Years in Business

Trip Protection

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Terrorism in Itinerary City
Interrupt for Any Reason
Cancel for Any Reason
Supplier Default


Medical Limit
Complications of Pregnancy
Emergency Medical Expenses

Pre-Existing Conditions

Sudden Recurrence
Lookback Period
Pre-Existing Condition Period

Accidental Death

Common Carrier
Included in Accidental Death 24-Hour
Flight Only
Note: Your Accidental Death-Flight amount depends on the amount you select for Accidental Death-24-Hour


Medical Evacuation
Evacuation from
Evacuation to
Evacuation criteria

Additional Benefits

24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Rental Car
Optional Coverages

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Donna W.
My flight got delayed and I missed my connecting flight. The next connecting flight was in 2 days by which time my scheduled tour would have long departed. My only option was to return back home while taking a big loss on the tour and the tickets. While still at the connecting airport I decided to call the insurance company to inquire about the kind of evidence I needed to collect to submit a claim. First I called 24-hr emergency assistance number of the insurance company. A very polite representative was at a loss and couldn't provide me with the information. He transferred me to the claims department. Instead someone from sales department picked up. He couldn't answer the question either which was odd considering that he did not know what he was actually selling. He apologized and transferred me to the claims department. They put me on hold. After being on hold for 20 minutes I hung up because calling from Istanbul to the US was rather expensive. Finally I called InsureMyTrip customer care. They did not know the answer which was understandable and offered to transfer to the insurance claims department. I had no desire to spend another 20 minutes being on hold and politely declined. It should have been a very simple call and yet the insurance company failed me. What if it had been a true emergency?
Alexander I.
It was comforting to know we had coverage if an unfortunate event occurred. Happy I did not need it, but great to have the insurance.
Sally P.
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