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Nationwide Prime

Now that the coronavirus is a known event, coverage for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Travel Warning is no longer available.

The Nationwide Prime plan allows you to insure a higher trip cost than the Essential plan, and also includes higher amounts of coverage for post departure benefits such as medical and emergency medical evacuation.

This comprehensive travel insurance plan includes standard benefits, and some additional options to really tailor your insurance for your trip. The plan allows coverage for trips costing up to $30,000 per person, and provides reimbursement if a cancellation occurs due to a covered reason. Optional Cancel for Any Reason is also available in most states if all eligibility requirements are met.

The trip interruption coverage is available if you need to end your trip early due to a covered reason, and offers reimbursement up to 200% of the trip cost which can help to defray the cost of a one-way ticket home. The plan also includes coverages for baggage protection and travel delay.

This plan also offers coverage for a missed connection. If you face a delay due to a covered reason of three or more hours that causes you to miss your cruise departure, this plans reimburses up to $500 to help you rejoin the cruise and for additional meal or accommodation expenses you incur. Similarly, it also offers coverage for itinerary changes by your cruise line or tour supplier. The benefit reimburses up to $500 in the event a cruise/tour supplier makes a change to your itinerary which prevents you from participating in an activity that you had pre-paid for.

Medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage is available with this plan. This can help if you need to seek medical attention for a covered unexpected illness or injury that occurs during your trip. Also, emergency medical evacuation benefits are available if you are hospitalized and the attending physician recommends that you be transported to the nearest, better equipped hospital.

If you are worried about a pre-existing condition limiting your coverage, the earlier you purchase the plan the better. If the plan is purchased within 21 days of your initial trip payment (and all other eligibility requirements are met), then the pre-existing condition exclusion can be waived.

Coverages and Plan Info

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

Plan Summary

Protect your trip with cancellation, interruption, delay and medical benefits.

Highlighted Coverages

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Pre-Existing Condition Lookback Period
Medical Evacuation

Plan Info

Plan Type
View Certificate
Refund Policy
Available to
U.S. Residents
AM Best Rating

Accidental Death

24-Hr Full Coverage
Common Carrier
Included in Accidental Death 24-hour


Medical Evacuation

Additional Benefits

24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Rental Car
Optional Coverages
Included Benefits
Missed Connection - up to $500

Itinerary Change - up to $500

Confirmation of Coverage

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Ratings and reviews

Our customers rate the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Prime on our site
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on average based on 695 reviews.
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I've needed trip insurance once and it's well worth it. I chose this plan based on it having the coverage I wanted and it's competitive price. Luckily I didn't need the coverage on my trip but I had the peace of mind during my trip with the plan.
Eric H.
Purchased a plan on 3/5/2020 for a dream trip to Norway. We put together an itinerary including Flights to UK, cruise to Norway from Southhampton and then Cruise to New York on Queen Mary 2. Today was the date on which we had to make the final payment on the cruises. Since the cruise was not until August We thought we might be able to rely on the travel insurance in case one of the cruise lines or the airline cancelled part of the trip. Just to be sure, I called Nationwide customer service to make sure we would be covered. Imagine my surprise to find out that if any of the cancellations were due to coronavirus it would not be covered because it was not a listed peril on the policy. The customer service representative explained that unless the reason for trip cancellation or delay was due to a listed peril in the policy then it was not covered. An example: The policy states "The company will reimburse you if your miss your connection due to inclement weather" they will reimburse you for expenses and pre-paid nonrefundable trip payments fr the unused portion of your trip. However if the flight is cancelled due to mechanical problems you are up the creek, because that is not a listed peril. So this is not really insurance, it is a guessing game to see if your crystal ball works well enough to figure out what could possibly go wrong months in advance of your trip and then find a policy from some company that covers all of the stuff you came up with. Good luck with that. Basically unless you are injured or fall ill or heaven forbid die, due to an unforeseen incident and not related to any of the page full of exclusions, you are covered. If your flight is delayed or canceled due to weather you are covered. Anything else - tough luck. So it looks like we will get a cruise credit for the cruise portion of the trip and the airlines are also offering free changes for most flights. Nationwide has "voucher program" which MAY offer partial credit to transfer some or all of the cost of your unused travel policy to a future trip. I must say I'm not expecting much after speaking to their "customer service" people. I'm sure glad automobile and life insurance is better than travel insurance. I think it should be called something else.
Don E.
Due to Coronavirus, I purchased "Cancel for Any Reason" plan for my honeymoon trip for "just in case". I canceled a week prior to my trip (to be on the safe side), I submitted my claim with all asked documents the same day I canceled everything. I received a refund check for 75% of whatever cost that was not refunded to me by airline/agency after 3 weeks. Highly recommend this company.
Michelle L.
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