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Travelex builds their travel insurance plans with their customers in mind. They offer several different types of plans such as comprehensive plans to protect your travel investment to plans that focus on accidental death & dismemberment benefits.


For nearly 20 years, Travelex has been a leader in travel insurance products. They have built each one of their products with the diverse needs of the world traveler. Their products include common comprehensive travel insurance benefits as well other unique benefits to make your trip protection a little more flexible.

Travelex approaches travel insurance with the successful ability to develop and deliver innovative insurance products and services at a competitive price. All the while, they provide excellent service to their customers no matter the product they purchase. They can do this because they have offices in 30 different countries with 6,000 employees worldwide.

Travelex Travel Insurance is part of the Travelex Group, which is the world's largest non-bank foreign exchange services provider. It is headquartered in Nebraska and was founded in 1996 when the Travelex Group purchased Tele-Trip Insurance, Mutual of Omaha's travel insurance subsidiary company.


  • Nearly 20 years of travel insurance experience contributes to their expertise.
  • Excellent customer service from a work force located in over 30 countries worldwide.
  • Part of the Travelex Group, the largest non-bank foreign exchange services provider.

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Being on Medicare, my health coverage is no longer available outside the country. My credit card company provides a complete trip cancellation/ interruption plan for free when paying for the trip with their card. But medical insurance is not included. . InsureMyTrip beautifully filled the gap and provided peace of mind for a nominal price.
Susan M.
I satisfied with service,I will go again on May 14,2017 for 7 days.
Tanayuth N.
It would have improved my peace of mind if I had purchased the pre-existing condition coverage. My husband became ill after three days of a twenty-three day trip and it was related to his COPD, so he essentially had no medical coverage for that illness. Next time I'll be wiser.
Martin F.
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