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Do You Need Travel Insurance for Hurricane Season?

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It’s not always easy to know whether or not you need certain coverages that can be provided by travel insurance.  Hurricane season is an especially challenging time for travelers who need to decide what level of protection they may need before departing on their trips.  If you’re questioning whether or not hurricane-related coverage is the right thing for you, this flow chart may make the decision a bit easier.  You can also learn more about travel insurance for hurricanes on our Hurricane Season tips page.



1 comments on “Do You Need Travel Insurance for Hurricane Season?”

  1. Need group airline travelers insurance to cover death of son-in-law , and/or death of daugther in law’s mother and/or death of niece. These possibilities are applicable to group leader and husband but all others would be required to attend the funeral. 11 passengers from Virginia going to Tampa, FL and return. What would the cost be?

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