Spring Break Booking Tips

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College student or not, we can all benefit from a week away from the winter doldrums. Of course booking agents, hotels and airlines all know this too and adjust rates to make a little more money.

So what can we do? Don’t wait to the last minute.

Booking Flights

Industry rumor has been Tuesdays at 4:30 pm Eastern is the best time to shop airfare. Think this Tuesday, not the Tuesday before you want to leave. With that in mind, look for early morning or red eye flights.  They’ll still be the cheapest. But those flight times are also more likely to be delayed by winter’s seasonal setbacks, like foul weather.

Thinking of flying on a Friday? Don’t. Everyone wants to, and the price differences will prove it.  If you can, travel out on a Saturday, and return on a Monday.  You’ll see even bigger savings leaving and returning mid-week.

Finding Lodging


A new hotel is often a cheaper hotel, for now.  New hotels will want to draw business in as quickly as possible. They may slash booking prices to fill rooms and make a big splash. Look for new resorts and hotels to help you cut costs.  The only downfall will be a lack of reviews on Trip Advisor.  You’ll be stuck on their word over travel reviews.

But also remember, if you’re not in college and looking to avoid ‘that scene’, that lower price may appeal to budget sensitive spring breakers. Pricing yourself into a higher resort may prevent you from walking into beer-bongs by the ice machine.

Where to Go


Stay domestic. The beaches of Florida have shown a decline in pricing year after year as they compete with International spots like Cancun and Jamaica. But, do your research if you’re not there to party. I’ve personally been to Panama City Beach for Spring Break, and it’s not for everyone. Have you heard of Sanibel Island?

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