How Hurricanes Affect ALL Travelers

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Just like the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats,” hurricanes can sink ALL travel plans. How can a hurricane approaching Florida affect a weekend trip to Las Vegas? Let’s find out.



Hurricanes ground flights. While your flight may not be departing from or landing in an area under a hurricane watch, your actual plane may be! Jets move through out regions on regular schedules.  Your flight may be on a plane departing from Chicago, but currently finishing its leg in Orlando.  If the aircraft is grounded by a hurricane, then your airline has to scramble to move another jet into the Chicago flight you have scheduled.  What does this mean for you? Possibly a delay, and a late arrival to Las Vegas.



Delayed and canceled flights make vacancies hard to find. Yes, Orlando would see an increase in rentals, but other airports who are seeing residual delays and cancellations may also see an increase in reservations.

Rental Cars


Any time delays hit an airport, the rental car desk prepares for the mob! No, you don’t need to anticipate someone driving from Boston to Las Vegas, but flights from other area airports may not have the same delays and cancellations.  When Boston has a ½ day delay, and a flight out of Hartford is on time and reachable with a two-hour ride, passengers consider the haul down the Mass Pike.

Travel Insurance


Once a hurricane is named, travel insurance companies consider the storm a “known peril” and often times exclude the storm as a covered reason in a new plan. However, if you think ahead and insure your trip before the storm forms, you’ll have insurance coverage and additional options.

Now that you can see the ways ALL travel can be damaged by a storm, you’re better prepared to make an earlier travel insurance purchase decision.

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