Secondary Cities That Offer Primary Experiences for Older Travelers

Last updated on 06/20/2024

As a travel agent, you know that senior travel can be an excellent experience. Your seasoned clients have more time to immerse themselves in their destinations' cultures, take in the sights, and explore all their interests.

However, travel can also be stressful for older tourists, especially if their first-choice destination is a major travel destination (think metropolitan locales like New York City, London, Tokyo, and more). These cities—sometimes called primary cities in tourism circles—can be too crowded for some travelers, not to mention more expensive. In addition, they may have attractions your clients are interested in, but are farther away than they're comfortable with.

That's where secondary cities come in. These locations might not frequently top tourists' lists of must-visit destinations, but that's not for lack of quality. When you take your clients' desires for their travel experience into account and select the right place to recommend, it can result in a magical vacation.

To help you expand your list of senior travel tips, we've collected a few of our favorite "next-choice" cities below, as well as information on how your older tourists can protect themselves by finding the best travel insurance for seniors.

Asheville, North Carolina

If you're making recommendations for clients who don't want to travel outside the United States, Asheville, North Carolina, is a sure bet. For art and history fans, the area has galleries and museums galore (not to mention Gilded Age mansions like the Biltmore Estate). If they want a balance between cosmopolitan pleasures and the great outdoors, Asheville lets them bounce from its vibrant craft beer and healthy cuisine scene to local hiking trails and beautiful scenic drives.

For a trip to Asheville, the best travel insurance for seniors may include rental car insurance (especially for those scenic drives). Going with the insurance of the rental company can be expensive, so your senior tourists may want to add collision damage and loss damage waivers to whichever policy they choose. They just have to make sure they’re aware of whether these inclusions add to the initial comprehensive travel insurance cost.

San Sebastian, Spain

When you're recommending secondary foreign cities, your senior travel tips should always include San Sebastian, Spain. With a picture-perfect coastal atmosphere, this beautiful town is home to La Concha Beach, considered one of the best in Europe. For cultural enthusiasts, the Old Town awaits with its renowned pintxo bars (i.e. delicious tapas spots) and crafts by local artisans. Meanwhile, travelers with a fondness for trains can head to the funicular railway that will carry them to the top of Monte Igueldo for panoramic views of both the city and the coast.

When your customers are considering their coverage options for this type of vacation, we would say that plans worth the comprehensive travel insurance cost might provide Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) protection. While this could be a worthwhile investment for any trip, San Sebastian is an amazing getaway your clients won’t want to miss out on. Should any obstacles arise that force them to change plans, CFAR coverage may be able to protect them financially and empower them to reschedule their adventure for another time.

Dunedin, New Zealand

If your clients are looking for Scottish heritage but want better weather than they might find in the UK, Dunedin, New Zealand could be the perfect pick. Often called the "Edinburgh of the South," this is another coastal area for the list, and it promises mild climates all year long. Here, animal lovers can spot wildlife like blue korora penguins, kekeno seals, and rapoka sea lion colonies. On land, green thumbs will find plentiful gardens to admire, including the Dunedin Botanic Garden with 6,800 plant species, or the themed areas of the landscape around Larnach Castle.

While your clients should consider a range of protections for this trip, anyone going overseas may want to take a closer look at international medical coverage. Costs for medical care vary from country to country, and no one wants to be worried about costs when receiving necessary services. With the right plan for their needs, your customers may be able to travel with a little more peace of mind.

Let Clients Know They Can Protect Their Trip with Prime Travel Insurance

Whether your older travelers are staying in the United States or going abroad, one of the best senior travel tips you can give them is to learn more about travel insurance. Planning this type of protection before they go on vacation may be able to help them should their flights be delayed, their luggage be damaged or lost, or if other obstacles arise. With the right plan for their needs, they may be able to worry less and focus on enjoying their trip that much more.

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