CSA Travel Protection Custom Luxe

If you are looking for some added protection for a more expensive vacation, the Custom Luxe plan from CSA Travel Protection may be your answer. The plan offers high limits of coverage, the higher of the two CSA plans offered by InsureMyTrip.

On top of the standard comprehensive benefits offered in the Custom plan (trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, baggage protection, etc), the Custom Luxe plan offers benefits that may add a little flexibility to your protection.

This plan, if purchased prior to or within 24 hours of your final trip payment, provides travelers with financial default coverage. This will help to reimburse the traveler in the case that one of their travel suppliers (airline, cruise line or tour operator) does not continue services due to a financial reason.

This comprehensive plan also includes:

  • The pre-existing conditions exclusion is waived if certain requirements are met.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage.
  • Rental car damage coverage, yet this unavailable for residents of Texas.

Optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage, when certain requirements are met, is available for any customer except for residents of New York. This coverage will reimburse up to 75% of your insured trip cost if you have to cancel your trip 48 hours or more before your scheduled departure date due to something other than a covered reason. The basic trip cancellation is in effect until the time the traveler departs.

Along with the coverage offered, the Custom Luxe plan also offers a range of emergency assistance and concierge services. From providing medical referrals and travel advisories to arrange event tickets and schedule golf tee times, assistance is just a phone call away.

Coverages and Plan Info

Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

Plan Summary

Protect your trip with cancellation, interruption, delay and medical benefits.

Highlighted Coverages

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
Baggage Loss
Baggage Delay
Pre-Existing Condition Lookback Period
Medical Evacuation

Plan Info

Plan Type
View Certificate
Refund Policy
Available to
AM Best Rating
Years in Business


Medical Limit
Complications of Pregnancy
Emergency Medical Expenses

Pre-Existing Conditions

Sudden Recurrence
Lookback Period
Pre-Existing Condition Period

Accidental Death

24-Hr Full Coverage
Common Carrier
Included in Accidental Death - 24-Hour
Flight Only


Medical Evacuation
Evacuation from
Evacuation to
Evacuation criteria

Additional Benefits

24-Hour Emergency Assistance
Rental Car
Optional Coverages

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Ratings and reviews

Our customers rate the CSA Travel Protection Custom Luxe on our site
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A.M. Best Rating
Better Business Bureau Rating
The plan provides peace of mine and was easy to purchase and price competitive.
Lawrence W.
My wife required hospitalization and medical repatriation from the Caribbean. The service provided to arrange transportation home was first rate and they were in contact with us daily until we arrived home. A significant part of the cost incurred is on a reimbursement basis (the hospital required upfront payment for all medical expenses) and I've just begun the process to be reimbursed for that, so I can't yet comment on the speed and completeness of the reimbursement. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - After many months we finally have received all payments due from CSA. The problem didn't lie with CSA but with my wife's primary health insurer. The travel insurance is secondary so we had to submit claims through her health insurance and receive EOBs showing what the primary insurance paid before CSA would reimburse for the rest of the expenses. The primary insurer asked for additional documentation about a month after receiving the claim and then apparently misplaced my response for several months until I called to ask what was going on. The person I spoke to found the paperwork quickly and did whatever was needed to process the claim. When I finally had all the payment from the primary insurer I submitted the EOBs to CSA and they quickly and completely paid what my wife's medical insurance didn't cover. There was one element of the claims experience where I wasn't completely satisfied with CSA's resolution of the claim. We were on a cruise when my wife got sick and we had to leave the ship at that time. The stated Trip Interruption coverage said they would reimburse either to get me home or to rejoin the originally scheduled trip (my wife's medical evacuation was paid up front by CSA). Since most of our luggage was still on the ship and our car was at the port in New York City, I met the ship when it arrived in New York to retrieve the luggage and car. CSA wouldn't reimburse my train ticket to New York since I had gone home (with my wife) to Pennsylvania before heading to New York. They claimed my trip ended at that point even though I had to meet the ship in New York (had to continue my trip from that point) in order to retrieve my luggage and car. In the grand scheme the amount involved wasn't large ($130 or so) so after the claims agent's supervisor reiterated their rejection of that part of the claim I didn't pursue the matter further. But overall I was satisfied with the resolution of the other elements of the claim and the speed with which it was completed. I've purchased the same policy for our upcoming trip this holiday season.
Peter H.
Did not need to make a claim so have little to comment on.
Margaret E.
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