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Each year, HTH Worldwide, headquartered in Pennsylvania, provides hundreds of thousands of leisure and business travelers as well as international students and scholars with the ability to protect themselves, their families and their travel plans.


HTH Travel Insurance is a division of Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC that offers a variety of travel medical insurance plans to world travelers. They offer a wide selection of travel health insurance plans that include coverage for hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and medical evacuation. They also have travel insurance plans to protect your vacation investment. The coverage in these plans provides travelers with the coverage they will need while traveling out of their home country.

HTH medical insurance plans are supported by a strong community of trusted English-speaking physicians and medical professionals in more than 180 countries around the world. You can travel the world with confidence knowing you have medical care close by wherever you need it.

Sometimes, medical bills can become pretty hefty. With the HTH Direct Billing program, you may not have to worry about paying for a bill upfront and then placing a claim when you get home. The Direct Billing program is built to pay for travelers medical bills up-front, as long as the traveler visits one physicians in the HTH medical network. Otherwise, the medical coverage will be secondary to your primary health insurance, if it is required by the plan you purchased.

The best way to utilize this program is to contact HTH Worldwide Services through their 24-hour assistance line, email or the mPassport app before you make an appointment. They can help assist you in setting up an appointment at an approved medical facility and physician and then pay your bill. Keep in mind, while this service is a great tool for travelers, it does primarily work with HTH network physicians only – and those are not guaranteed to be close to you destination.

As always, HTH Worldwide offers a 24/7 service hotline that delivers multi-lingual customer support. If you are unable to contact the company by phone, you can always connect with them over the internet to help you through your travel situation.


  • 24/7 customer service hotline for multi-lingual customer support
  • Strong community of English-speaking physicians in more than 180 countries
  • Direct Billing, which pays medical bills upfront for travelers seeing physicians within the HTH network

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Thankfully I didn't have to file a claim. However, shortly after booking my vacation to Punta Cana, we decided to change our destination for safety reasons. I contacted HTH and they were gracious enough to modify my plan at no additional cost. I was very impressed.
Jerri J.
I did not file a claim with this company. The plan offered good coverage for medical and evacuation, which I consider the most important aspects of foreign travel. I do not recommend this company, however, due to the fact that ten days prior to my trip I received an email stating that I would not be able to access my account on line due to technical difficulties. When I called their customer service I was told that they did not have a date when this problem would be resolved. I can understand a computer glitch, but one that lasts several weeks is not acceptable, especially when that glitch occurs when my trip was scheduled. I had paid the premium several months ago and it was not refundable, so I went on my trip with some trepidation. Insurance is supposed to take the doubt out of travel leaving one to enjoy the trip.
Michael F.
The plan I selected was very good for the cost & peace of mind traveling abroad. While I did not have to use the insurance, I did use the online access to check out local medical facilities in case I needed one since I had a minor mishap. Fortunately I did not need to use the facility but it was relatively easy to obtain the information & location of local facility covered by the plan.
Janet A.
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