Officially, hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean is June 1st to November 30th . This opens summer and fall travelers to a string of possible travel delays, interruptions or cancellations. Many airlines and hotels will allow you to use the value of your cancelled trip for another later on, but sometimes that doesn’t work for your schedule. What happens if your trip is interrupted by severe weather? The only way to protect the travel investment you made is to also invest in travel insurance prior to your trip and the threat of inclement weather.

  1. Plan Ahead. You’ve booked your trip, told everyone how excited you are, officially put it on your calendar and then realized it falls during the months of peak hurricane activity. Invest in travel insurance now. You may have more options with any available time-sensitive benefits and can protect yourself from unforeseen storms.
  2. Understand the “unforeseen”. Generally, a plan will only cover unforeseen events. In loose terms, if the storm has been predicted (and named) by weather experts, you will not be covered by a new plan. If you already had an existing plan in place before the storm showed on radar, you should have protection. All plans are different, so be sure to read how your plan explains unforeseen events and coverage due to inclement weather.
  3. Know how your travel suppliers will react. If you are traveling to a destination located in a hurricane region, this most likely won’t be their first rodeo. They are experts in severe weather. Call your airline, cruise line and/or resort to understand how they will react to hurricanes. Then talk to us about what this means for possible coverage options you may want to consider.
  4. Bring your important plan information. We recommend that you bring your entire plan document with you on your trip. This way you’ll be able to reference how your plan can help you in any situation. If you opt not to, you definitely need to bring the confirmation number and policy number from the insurance company as well as their claims/emergency assistance contact information. If you do stumble upon a need for your plan, you’ll need to reference that basic information when calling the company.
  5. Don’t stress out. We know it can be scary or disappointing to be faced with a hurricane before or during your trip; but the reason you have travel insurance is so you can travel worry-free. If a hurricane does affect your trip; remember, you have that to protect the cost of your trip or to get you home. Call the insurance company to find out next steps for your situation.