The summer months, June to early September, are a popular time to take off from reality and go to paradise. Unfortunately, this is also a peak time for hurricanes. They can wreak havoc on travel plans across the globe, but some areas of the world are particularly vulnerable: hurricane alley.

Where is Hurricane Alley?

According to Wikipedia, Hurricane Alley is the area of the Atlantic Ocean stretching from northern Africa to the Gulf Coast of Central America and the Southern United States. Scientists believe that the water in this area of the ocean is gradually warming, thus leading to more frequent hurricanes.

Some of the most popular destinations are located in Hurricane Alley. Most Caribbean islands are often plagued with hurricanes. Also vulnerable for hurricanes, any destination on the east cost of Central America - like Cancun, Mexico or Costa Rica – or on the southern coast of the United States – like New Orleans, Louisiana or Panama City, Florida.

Should I Vacation in Hurricane Alley?

Of course! You should see the world! Don’t let the fear of hurricanes change your dreams of seeing the Caribbean or experience a Jazz festival in New Orleans! Like we said before, hurricanes can affect travel globally. Even if you don’t schedule a trip to a destination prone to hurricanes, you may feel the effects through delayed or canceled flights.

Is there coverage for a hurricane that hits at home?

Most plans will have some kind of coverage for trip cancellation and interruption if a hurricane or other natural disaster renders your primary home uninhabitable. Most travelers are keeping a close eye on the weather forecast at their destination, but you can have peace of mind knowing that there may be coverage if disaster strikes at home.

How do I prepare for a hurricane during my trip?

If you are traveling during hurricane season (June 1st through November 30th), we urge you to be prepared for a hurricane while you are on your trip. Travel insurance is the best way to do this. A comprehensive plan can protect your trip investment before and during your trip, if purchased at the right time.

Buy your travel insurance plan as soon as you can after your first trip payment. Booked the flight? Put a down-payment on the resort? Come talk to us – we will make sure you get the best plan for your destination.

Do not wait until a hurricane is eminent to purchase your plan. If the storm is already predicted it is very rare that a travel insurance plan will protect you. If purchased prior to the storm being known, you could be looking at coverage for travel delay, travel interruption and even cancellation if the destination becomes inunhabitable, or in some cases, if the destination is under a hurricane warning.

If you are at your destination and a hurricane hits, stay safe by listening to the resort officials. Your safety is the number one priority. Once the storm has passed, evaluate your destination. Some resorts or governments may want you to leave regardless of habitability.

Keep all the receipts and documents from the resort and any other travel suppliers you used. Travel insurance will help to cover costs to get you and your traveling companions home as well as unused trip costs (such as nights at the resort or non-refundable excursions you booked), but worry about that once you are home.