5 Tips for a Cheap & Quick Caribbean Retreat

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The Caribbean is an affordable and close vacation hotspot, but can you get that vacation for a cheaper rate? You bet you can. In fact now is the perfect time (but we will get to that in a moment).

Here is how to save a few dollars, and make the most out of your Caribbean trip.

Cheapest Airport

San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s close; it takes in plenty of nonstop flights, and it is affordable. It is also a great stepping stone to other locations, with short transfer flights. Plus, San Juan is a departure port for many Caribbean cruises.

Pick the right days

Our friends at Hopper are always great at finding flight deals. They recommend you book a Caribbean trip for a Tuesday, and come back on a Wednesday.  You’ll save some cash, which you can apply to an extra night at your resort.

Short flight

Bermuda. Don’t forget, especially all you eastern seaboard readers, Bermuda is only a 3-hour flight from the east coast.  Less time in the air means more time on the sand.

Take a late spring break

Rates drop as May approaches, and continue to stay lower as the summer progresses. So NOW is the perfect time to find great prices and plan a vacation. But remember, that also means preparing for the rest of hurricane season.

Skip the hotel

Vacation rentals can cut your room costs in half! Don’t forget; you’ll need to spend some of that savings on your grocery bill.

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