More Than One Trip This Year? An Annual Plan May be Right for You!

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Is this year shaping up to be your “Year of Travel”? If you have more than a couple of trips planned this year then a multi-trip, or annual travel insurance plan could be the right option for you. And great news! More often than not, there is a financial benefit to buying a multi-trip insurance plan, especially for those who take several trips within a year.

There are several plans found on InsureMyTrip that offer multi-trip coverage to travelers. If you’re planning to travel internationally on more than one occasion this year, you may want to explore annual travel medical plans. To be eligible for a multi-trip medical plan, you must have primary medical coverage in place, and can not exceed the maximum trip length covered by the plan. If you meet these requirements, you’ll only need one plan to cover all eligible trips!


If you’re concerned with emergency evacuation needs, you’ll be happy to learn of annual, multi-trip emergency evacuation memberships that can cover you as long as you’re traveling more than a certain distance away from home (usually 150 miles, depending on the plan). Like the single trip medical plans and the emergency evacuation plans you may have bought or researched in the past, there are specific policy terms and limits, but again you’ll only need to purchase one time.

Also, there are accidental death plans that offer an optional multi-trip coverage.

You may have noticed a few coverages were not mentioned. That is because the coverages some travelers feel are ‘the standard coverages in comprehensive travel insurance plans’ are usually not included in an annual plan (trip cancellation, trip interruption, and travel delay). Some multi-trip plans do include limited baggage loss coverage, but it is not a standard feature.

In addition to the comprehensive coverage exclusions, there is one additional rule that annual plans follow. You must return home between trips. For example, a trip to Europe to visit France, Portugal, and Spain may have multiple destinations but would be considered a single trip. It will not qualify a traveler for an annual plan. However, if you are visiting those countries in the spring, head home for Memorial Day, and then depart for Ireland and the United Kingdom in August, you may want to consider an annual plan.

What’s great about an annual plan is that you don’t have to add new trips to the plan as they arise! The plan covers you for a year, so if you bought the plan in March, thinking it was for your trip to Europe and your December vacation in Mexico, and then found out you had a destination wedding in October, you would still be covered under your annual plan. You’ll just need to be sure that the marriage is not being held in a restricted country, which may be identified as an exclusion on your plan. As always, if you have questions the licensed travel insurance representatives at InsureMyTrip are only a phone call away!

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