For many travelers a trip overseas happens once in a blue moon. International travel is expensive and can be time consuming to plan if you aren’t working with a travel agent. So why would you risk all the effort and investment and travel without insurance?


Life’s unexpected moments happen when we least expect it. No one wants to cancel a planned trip; however, if the need arises a travel insurance policy can help in a couple of ways: coverage in a comprehensive plan and/or Cancel for Any Reason coverage. A comprehensive policy will have specific, approved cancellation reasons listed that will allow for reimbursement such as an illness or injury that prevents you from traveling. Any reason outside of that list (My dog eat my plane ticket; my favorite high heels broke yesterday; I can’t find my car keys.) will only be covered with a Cancel for Any Reason benefit. That benefit does come with some eligibility guidelines – so read up on it to see if you still fit the mold.


Picture this. You have arrived at Heathrow ready for your backpacking trip through Europe, but your backpack is sitting on a tarmac on the wrong side of the Atlantic. You are scheduled for a short flight across the Thames to France, with no luggage. Don’t fret, you got travel insurance before you left! Baggage loss or delay will allow you to purchase items needed up to the amount listed on the policy, then file a claim for reimbursement when you get home.

Trip Interruption

Your bag finally met up with you in the south of France, but you just got a call from your house sitter alerting you to a flood in your basement and it’s quickly rising to the first floor. You have to get home immediately. Cancel all existing plans, book that return flight and stop worrying! If you picked your travel insurance with care, you’ll be covered for trip interruption . Contact your insurance provider after you have settled the mess in your basement and file a claim to be reimbursed for non-refundable hotel fees, transportation reservations and flight change fees.

Medical Expenses

You didn’t think bustling around Europe would be hazardous to your health, but tell that to your ankle and the cobblestone that got in its way. Now you are sitting in the hospital with a sprained ankle looking at a bill that doesn’t quite convert back to a number that’s in your budget. Travel medical coverage is extremely important if you are traveling outside of the jurisdiction of your primary health insurance. Prior to purchasing, talk to your health insurance provider to see if they cover you where you are traveling. Medical coverage will start where your primary health coverage ends.

Let’s Sum it Up

Travel insurance for international trips can be extremely comprehensive without an extreme price tag. From baggage delay to medical expenses, your international travel investment can be fully protected. For a fraction of the cost of your prepaid, nonrefundable trip cost, you can travel worry-free. Get a quote from InsureMyTrip and be amazed!