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Free Travel Insurance for Kids?

If You’re Road-Tripping… Are you planning to visit any remote places that are off the beaten path?  While most of the national parks are easily accessible, side trips could take you off into areas where the closure of a road or bridge means the end of the line for your adventure.  Selected travel insurance policies

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What Happens When You Miss Your Cruise?

John and Sandy are retired and on a fixed income. They saved up enough money to book a cruise to Alaska with friends. But things didn’t go as planned.  An airport mishap forced them to miss their entire vacation. And when a refund was refused  — they turned to InsureMyTrip for help. Airport Mishap Leads To

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ABC 6 News: Ebola & Travel Insurance

By: Liz Tufts ( Watch the full story from ABC 6 News here.) Despite reassurance from the CDC, many are still calling for travel restrictions. In fact, one local business says their phones are ringing off the hook with concerned travelers. Inside the call center at InsureMyTrip.com headquarters in Warwick, employees can’t keep up with call

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