Travel Insurance for Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)

Last updated on 08/08/2023

Travel Insurance for Cape Verde Trips

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Cape Verde?

Travel insurance is not required for entry to Cape Verde (known locally as Cabo Verde). However, international visitors must be able to show either an electronic COVID certificate (NHA card) or a valid negative COVID-19 test result for their trip to these islands. The NHA Card form may be filled out online or through the NHA Card mobile app prior to departure. Travelers opting for a test must be able to show proof of a negative result from a PCR test administered within 72 hours of flight departure or an antigen test within 48 hours of flight departure.

Though optional, travel insurance is highly recommended, as coverage for Cape Verde can be a great asset in an emergency or otherwise inconvenient situation abroad. Cape Verde trip insurance plans can help protect travelers from unforeseen medical expenses, delays, lost luggage, and much more.

Even the most well-planned trips may be subject to issues such as weather and mechanical difficulties. In cases like these, Cape Verde travel protection plans may reimburse travelers for fees incurred as a result of delays. Some travel insurance may be able to pay up front for new accommodations when travelers experience disruptions in scheduled transportation services.

Passengers flying with an airline are occasionally faced with not only delays and cancellations, but also the possibility of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage. Coverage for baggage issues can be included alongside other benefits in a comprehensive travel insurance plan for Cape Verde. Seasoned travelers often prefer comprehensive plans due to the flexibility that comes with choosing the level of coverage that works for you. Comprehensive travel insurance usually includes travel medical insurance plus the traveler's choice of additional benefits, ranging from baggage to cancellations to adventure sports.

How Much Does Cape Verde Travel Insurance Cost?

There is some degree of variation in the cost of international insurance. In general, the price of travel insurance for Cape Verde will be determined by:

  • Duration of a trip
  • Number of travelers
  • Age of travelers
  • Type of coverage

A longer trip often equates to a higher travel insurance price, and vice versa. Additionally, older travelers or those with pre-existing health conditions may see increased rates when compared to a traveler with no diagnosed pre-existing conditions. Some providers can offer Cape Verde travel insurance for children and teenagers aged 17 and under at no extra cost.

The addition of more travelers or benefits, fewer limitations, and coverage for risky activities will alter your travel insurance prices. In some cases, travelers may want to insure the entire cost of their trip, which can also affect the total price of travel insurance for the Cape Verde islands.

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Cape Verde Trips?

Everyone is different, so each traveler is likely to view a different plan as the best travel insurance for Cape Verde. We recommend travelers to consider their own budget, personal needs, and trip details when searching for the right travel insurance policy to cover a trip to Cape Verde. InsureMyTrip's free travel insurance quote form is designed to help travelers compare different travel insurance providers and plans all in one place to identify what may work best for them.

While Cape Verde does not have specific travel insurance requirements, keep in mind that all travelers must be able to present either the electronic COVID certificate (NHA card) or proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken just before departure to Cape Verde.

Finally, before purchasing any travel insurance coverage for Cape/Cabo Verde, it's recommended to contact the company providing your domestic health insurance provider for information about how your domestic insurance can cover you overseas. Some U.S.-based medical insurance plans are not able to assist travelers with treatment or other expenses worldwide. Understanding these details can help you identify what additional coverage is needed to fill in any gaps in protection for a trip to Cape Verde, plus avoid paying extra for an overflow of coverage.

Top 10 Travel Destinations & Tourist Attractions in Cape Verde

  1. Sal including Buracona, Palmeira & Salinas de Pedra de Lume
  2. Santiago including Praia, Tarrafal & Parque Natural Serra da Malagueta
  3. São Vicente including Mindelo & Monte Verde
  4. Boa Vista including Sal Rei, Rabil & Praia de Chaves
  5. Fogo including Pico do Fogo
  6. Santo Antão including Porto Novo & Ribeira Grande
  7. São Filipe including Casa da Memoria & Museu Municipal
  8. Maio
  9. São Nicolau including Ribeira Brava
  10. Brava including Vila Nova Sintra

U.S. / Cape Verde Embassy and Consulate Locations

U.S. Embassy in Cape Verde

  • Praia, Cabo Verde — U.S. Embassy
    U.S. Embassy Praia
    Rua Abilio Macedo 6
    Praia, Cabo Verde
    Phone: 238.260.8900

Cape Verde Embassy and Consulate in USA

  • Washington DC — Embassy of Cape Verde
    3415 Massachusetts Ave NW
    Washington DC 20007 United States
    Phone: 1.202.965.6820
  • Boston, Massachusetts — Consulado de Cabo Verde
    300 Congress St, 2nd Floor, Ste 204
    Quincy, MA 02169 United States
    Phone: 1.617.353.0014
  • New York, New York — Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cape Verde to the United Nations
    27 East 69th Street
    New York, NY 10021 United States
    Phone: 1.212.472.0333

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