2018 Summer Travel Report: Trending International Destinations By State

Last updated on 03/28/2023

WARWICK, R.I., June 28, 2018 -- A new report from InsureMyTrip ranks the top trending international destinations for summer travelers state by state. The data shows twenty-three states favor trips to the United Kingdom, while other states prefer visiting Canada, Mexico or Italy. Results are based on all 2018 travel insurance purchases for international trips with June, July or August departures.


Most Popular Travel Destinations Per State 2018

Data source: InsureMyTrip researchers reviewed all travel insurance purchases for international trips with departures set for June, July, or August.

  • United Kingdom (like England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) dominate the rankings in nearly half of U.S. states.
  • New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut report a high percentage of trips to Italy.
  • Travel insurance customers from Hawaii pick Japan as a favorite destination.
  • Destinations like Iceland and South Africa gain popularity while Caribbean islands decline during summer months.

The list shows the top trending international destinations state by state.

State Destination
Alabama United Kingdom
Alaska Iceland
Arizona United Kingdom
Arkansas Canada
California United Kingdom
Colorado United Kingdom
Connecticut Italy
Delaware Canada
District of Columbia United Kingdom
Florida United Kingdom
Georgia United Kingdom
Hawaii Japan
Idaho United Kingdom
Illinois United Kingdom
Indiana Italy
Iowa Canada
Kansas United Kingdom
Kentucky United Kingdom
Louisiana Mexico
Maine South Africa
Maryland Italy
Massachusetts United Kingdom
Michigan United Kingdom
Minnesota United Kingdom
Mississippi Bahamas
Missouri Mexico
Montana France
Nebraska Canada
Nevada United Kingdom
New Hampshire South Africa
New Jersey Italy
New Mexico Mexico
New York Italy
North Carolina United Kingdom
North Dakota Italy
Ohio United Kingdom
Oklahoma Mexico
Oregon United Kingdom
Pennsylvania Italy
Puerto Rico Spain
Rhode Island Bermuda
South Carolina United Kingdom
South Dakota Ireland
Tennessee Canada
Texas Mexico
Utah United Kingdom
Vermont Canada
Virginia United Kingdom
Washington United Kingdom
West Virginia Spain
Wisconsin United Kingdom
Wyoming United Kingdom

Travel Insurance for International Trips

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