Country Music Cruises

The Country Music Cruise Experience


For those who love cruising and can’t get enough country music, a country music cruise may then be the vacation of your dreams.  On the cruise you may be in the elevator with a lead singer of your favorite act or sitting by the pool with the band.  You never know who you may bump into or when it will happen.  The truth is, you are all on the same ship together, so it’s pretty common to have some interaction.

Which Country Music Cruise Should You Choose?

Some cruise lines offer music themed cruises but, it is more likely that you will want to go on one you find online, which is hosted by a travel company that charted the ship. If you search the internet for “country music cruises,” there will be many results.

Review them all. Find the one that has hosted these cruises for a few years.  Read reviews, join their Facebook group pages, send messages to past guests and ask them about their experience.  Each company that hosts these country music cruises will structure their cruise differently so, know what to expect before you make your deposit.

Kids are Allowed

In my experience, children are allowed but I found that the country music charter cruises are intended for adults.  Parents and children like cruises because of the kids clubs. On charters like these, the kids clubs are open but there may not be other activities for kids.  If you are thinking about taking your child, ask the travel agency or cruise line if there will be activities specifically designed for the children on board.

What Should You Expect on Board a Country Music Cruise?

This depends on if this is a cruise line hosted cruise or a charter. If the cruise is booked directly with the cruise line, it will be similar to a regular cruise. However, country music entertainment is a staple in additional to other organized activities you would expect to have on board.

If you book a country music charter cruise, each travel company will offer a very different experience.  Yes, there will still be dining in the main dining room and the buffets will be open, but other than that things are very different. It is up to the company that chartered the ship to organize everything from show schedules, poolside activities, dress codes, on board smoking policies, kids club activities, meet & greets, theme nights, celebrity hosted events, and all other on board activities.

Country Music Cruise Entertainment

Whether you buy from the cruise line directly or with a charter company, there may be an option to upgrade to VIP status.  This would come at an additional cost, but look into it when you book and ask past guests their experience.  Some benefits of VIP packages I have seen include preferred seating at the shows, special line to board the ship, cocktail parties for VIP only, or early entry to meet and greets.

Prepare to be up close to the stars! Cruise ship venues are much smaller than stadium shows. You can watch the concert while relaxing in the hot tub, pool, your lounge chair or those super comfy seats on the ship theater.


What to Bring on Your Country Music Cruise

Go ahead and bring your favorite cruise wear like bathing suits, coverups, cocktail dress, hat, sunscreen, etc.  For this type of cruise, you will also want to pack your dancing shoes, boots, and an instant camera. You never know who you may bump into while walking around the ship. Most artists encourage interaction and are on the ship for their fans.  If you see them, go ahead, strike up a conversation and ask for a picture and autograph.  The photo below is when my daughter and I bumped into the lead singer of LoCash the first day.

LoCash on a Country Themed Cruise

Should You Go on a Country Music Cruise?

Yes. If you like country music and the artists that will be onboard you should give it a try. No matter who you book the cruise through you can count on seeing your favorite artists in concert while on a cruise! Cruise travel insurance is generally a good idea too, so you can recoup lost funds if you miss the trip or any other issues arise.

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