Domestic Travel Insurance Need

The Need for Domestic Travel Insurance has Never Been Clearer

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It’s common for people to second guess the need for travel insurance while traveling within the United States. Even more so when there is no need to fly. But one thing became very apparent this summer, Mother Nature is a beast, and she doesn’t care about your road trip.

Florida and Texas were pummeled with hurricanes and flooding, shutting down cruise ports, amusement parks, hotels and more. While the storms were major headlines for most of the summer, we can’t forget how we started off the season with the Outer Banks of North Carolina and its historic power outage. An unfortunate event, the outage was nothing more than human error, a big human error which lead to mandatory evacuations and uninhabitable vacation rentals.

Wildfires heated up throughout the Western half of the United States. National Parks, local authorities, and vacationers were all affected. Even people who attended Burning Man in the middle of a desert were rerouted on their way out to avoid local wildfires threatening the communities between the festival and the airport.

Millions of vacation dollars were lost. That didn’t need to be the case.

Travel Insurance works for domestic travel too.

Besides weather, power outages, and floods, travel insurance can do so much more! Finances can change, and that big budget trip to Disney could be derailed as a result. Travel insurance would help you recoup funds.

Health can also derail a vacation. Wine country is not as fun on a broken leg, but travel insurance may give you an option to cancel the trip until you’re up and mobile again.

InsureMyTrip has a fantastic article that breaks down domestic vs. international travel benefits and needs. It’s worth a quick read, and may just be the information you need for protecting your next travel investment.

America is beautiful, so load up the car, follow these tips to make your next road trip easier, and go see the country.

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