Traveling from India to the United States

Last updated on 08/22/2018

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India Visitors Insurance for U.S. Travel

Traveling to the United States can be such an exciting time! You may be visiting your family, traveling through the countryside for a leisure holiday or stopping in on a business tour. One thing’s for sure: you are going to be immersed in new experiences and memories. You don’t want your trip from India to the United States to be clouded with unforeseen emergency medical bills.

InsureMyTrip Comparing Tip

When comparing travel insurance plans, look specifically for “travel medical” plans. This will give you the most comprehensive coverage available to trips to the U.S.

Investing in visitor insurance is the best way to ensure you are protecting yourself from expensive medical costs. India visitor insurance for United States travel offers coverage for unforeseen medical expenses, but can also have benefits for other travel-related concerns. Let’s explore the comprehensive coverage available in plans here at

Medical Limits

Visitor medical insurance limits vary from each plan and company. When choosing which plan is best for you and your trip, considering the medical limits available on the plans. Some may only have one limit and it may work well for your needs, but others will provide options. This may allow you to feel even more comfortable that you and your traveling companions’ medical needs are completely met while traveling in the United States.

Pre-existing Conditions

Most visitor insurance available through InsureMyTrip to travelers coming to the United States from India will exclude coverage due to pre-existing conditions. This means that any medical care needed for an injury or illness related to a medical event during the look back period (varies per plan) will not be covered by the medical limits. A “look back period” is a timeframe that the insurance company will look into medical records prior to the coverage dates for reasons why you may need medical care. To ensure that you get the most comprehensive coverage, compare the look back periods for each plan.

Renewal of Visitor Insurance

Sometimes, you don’t want the fun to stop! We understand that and so do travel insurance companies. While not all companies can accommodate the renewal of a plan, some companies and plans will allow customers to renew their visitor medical insurance plan due to an extension of their trip. In most cases, the company dictates a set of requirements that must be met. It’s at the company’s discretion whether the plan is renewed. Review the full certificate during your purchasing process to know more about the companies’ renewal process.

Travel-Related Coverage

When you are comparing plans, look at the benefit limits for the travel-related coverage. Typically, the benefits available to international travelers coming to the United States are trip interruption and baggage loss. These are very common, however the limits do vary by plan. If you are concerned about your family in India needing you to return home early for a covered reason or your baggage being lost, you should look for plans with maximum coverage on these benefits.

If you are ever unsure of the steps to take next to alleviate a travel concern or medical need, you should contact the insurance company. They can help you find a covered medical provider or help with arranging a medical evacuation to a more adequate facility. Regardless of the travel concern you are experiencing, your visitor insurance plan has a 24-hour emergency hotline to help walk you through next steps.

Other benefits included in the plans are often dental coverage, accidental death coverage and medical coverage due to a terrorist activity. Some plans may allow you to add coverage for hazardous sports activities, but not all do. To understand these benefits more clearly, please read the full certificate of the plans you are comparing.