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Travel Insurance Reviews WorldTrips Atlas Journey Premier

Atlas Journey Premier, underwritten by U.S. Specialty Insurance Company (USSIC), is a comprehensive travel insurance plan for U.S. residents traveling domestically and abroad. It offers the highest coverage limits of the Atlas Journey series.

Customers rated the WorldTrips Atlas Journey Premier plan
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WorldTrips Atlas Journey Premier
In short: The insurance company narrowly construed the language of the insurance policy to deny me coverage for my cancelled trip - even though I had to cancel my trip because Switzerland changed its policies and mandated a 10-day quarantine for all incoming travelers. Don't waste your money on this insurance company.

I planned a 2-week trip to Europe, with the first stop in Switzerland. I purchased this insurance policy specifically because it said that it covered instances when I would need to be "quarantined" because of changes in government policies. After I purchased this insurance policy, Switzerland announced that, due to the rise in Covid cases, all travelers arriving from the U.K. would need to quarantine for 10 days, regardless of vaccination status or having negative tests. I called the insurance company, told them I needed to cancel my trip because of this new mandatory quarantine policy, and asked if my insurance policy would provide coverage. The insurance company said no. The insurance company said that trip-cancellation coverage wouldn't apply because I wouldn't be required to quarantine before I left for the trip. Instead, I would be required to quarantine after my trip started (i.e., after I got on my departing flight). The insurance company further said that trip-interruption coverage would not apply because I would not be quarantining for an "unexpected event." Because I knew I would have to quarantine once I arrived in Switzerland, the event requiring me to quarantine was not "unexpected" and, therefore, I was not entitled to coverage.

Covid has created unprecedented circumstances where governments are making drastic policy changes on a moment's notice. I purchased this insurance policy to protect against that risk. But the insurance company still used hyper-technical logic to deny coverage.
Jason C. would not recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Sally
    Thank you for your review. Please see the following response from World Trips.

    'We are sorry to hear of the dissatisfaction with your travel policy. While we did not receive a formal claim from you, based on the review of your call to us, we can confirm that the Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits are not eligible based on a mandatory quarantining in your destination country upon arrival. If you would like to formally submit your claim and appeal this decision, you may do so by contacting Co-ordinated Benefit Plans at 1-866-400-6090 or by mailing your claim and appeal to Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, P.O. Box 26222, Tampa, FL 33623.'
    Jan 19,2022
WorldTrips Atlas Journey Premier
I don't know what to say here. I think the plan was probably fine. I think it was somewhat gray in areas like what if one of my family had tested positive for Covid and couldn't go, would there have been any coverage for that? What about the Governor of Hawaii asking people to not come to Hawaii, and all the hoops jumped through to get there, what if we would have had a hic up on that, and not been able to come, would that have been covered? Anyway, it is done now, and I don't know how to review something that I didn't use. I guess it was good I had it, but I am sure there are a lot of weasel clauses in the policy.
David R. would recommend this plan to a friend or relative.
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Claims not filed
Note: This review is for an earlier version of the plan.
  • Sally
    Thank you for your review and for using In the future if you have questions like this about a policy, please reach out to the InsureMyTrip Customer Care team who are available to assist you with your concerns. Customer Care can be reached at 800-487-4722, by email at [email protected] or on our website using the chat feature.
    Oct 13,2021
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