Packing for the Perfect Disney Trip

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Heading to Disney World? If you are feeling overwhelmed about the packing process, you are in luck. There are plenty of resources, tips, and ideas to help your travel preparation

Pick your luggage

First, decide what type of luggage you plan to bring and plan out your packing process. For example, will you need to do laundry prior to packing? Will you pack the week before you leave? Doing some prep work in advance will help you avoid additional stress as it comes closer to departure time.

For those flying, consider whether to bring just a carry-on or checked baggage (and whether you’ll incur any additional fees with your airline).

If you are taking the Disney’s Magical Express Bus for complimentary transportation from Orlando International Airport to your Disney hotel, you should expect a luggage tag in the mail. Put this tag on your luggage in advance and you’ll be able to bypass baggage claim upon arrival to the airport and head straight to the Magical Bus. A Magical Bus worker will pick up your bags for you and deliver them straight to your luggage room within a few hours.

And, don’t worry if you end up buying a large item during your stay that won’t fit in your suitcase. The Disney stores provide the option to ship your items home.

What to pack

Weather in Florida tends to be pretty warm all year long with temperatures. Some nights can get a little chilly, and there can be some rainy days. According to, July is the hottest month in Florida with an average temperature of 28°C(82°F) and the coldest is January at 16°C (61°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in July. The best month to swim in the sea is in July when the average sea temperature is 29°C (84°F).

So, be sure to pack lots of shorts and t-shirts, a bathing suit and a comfortable pair of shoes (you’ll be walking quite a bit during your visit). Also, bring along a jacket (in case it gets chilly).

If you are worried about not packing enough clothes, don’t sweat it. Disney hotels offer self-service laundry services and dry cleaning.

Tip: It gets hot walking around the parks and it’s a good idea to stay hydrated. Pack an empty water bottle and bring it with you. You can refill it at any water fountain located throughout the parks.

What you can buy or rent

Luckily, if you forget something — Disney likely has it.

Hotels have small convenience stores in case you forget things like toothpaste, pain reliever, or sunscreen. There is also Disney Springs, a nearby retail center, accessible by bus, that has plenty of clothing and accessories shops.

There is also an option to buy things in advance from a site like Amazon and have products shipped directly to your hotel (although be aware hotels have different policies on this practice, and you may have a surcharge added for delivery services).

Some guests also like to use a food delivery service to have snacks and drinks delivered to their hotel. Check out the WDW Prep School site for a list of different local grocery delivery services.

And, if you need to rent a wheelchair, scooter or stroller — there are plenty of local vendors that will deliver it to your hotel.

Packing resources

Finally, there are lots of resources for Disney guests looking for packing tips. For common questions, visit the Disney website.


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