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Since 1999, Global Alert customers have traveled with the peace of mind knowing they are protected by a quality of travel insurance products. They are not only an industry leader in travel-related coverage, but also service.


Global Alert, headquartered in Missouri, is committed to providing fast, fair and friendly service for any customer in the midst of a claims process. They answer their phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet the needs of all their travelers. Should the traveler need to file a claim, have a question about their plan or status of an open claim, they will find assistance no matter the time of day or day of the week.

All of the Global Alert plans, underwritten by American Modern Home Insurance Company, provide comprehensive coverage with strong benefits for travelers. Both plans offers Hospital of Choice benefits for the emergency medical evacuation coverage. Hospital of Choice allows a traveler to stipulate where to be taken in the event that they need to be evacuated for better care after a medical emergency.

The Travel Insurance Benefits of the Global Alert Travel Plans are Underwritten American Modern Home Insurance Company (NAIC #23469, and in California, doing business as American Modern Insurance Company), a member company of American Modern Insurance Group, under policy form series AMT001.


  • 24/7 travel insurance plan support for claims needs or plan questions.
  • Fast, fair and friendly customer service for every traveler and caller.
  • Hospital of Choice benefit available for emergency medical coverage.

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It is nice to have the medical insurance available while on the ski trip. I am one of those that do not have any med insurance and having one while skiing is certainly providing a piece of mind. I have three trips planned this year and hopefully I will not have to use the insurance, but I did buy it nevertheless.
Olga E.
thankfully didn't have to use it, getting it was fast and easy.
Dennis C.
Spoke to a representative who walked me through the best plan available for the money. Was a great experience no pressure to select a specific plan etc. Fortunately did not need to exercise the plan but knowing it was a available provided assurance that I could sleep well each night. Would use Insuremytrip again for our next adventure.
Walter B.
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