SafeTrip (Single-Trip) is temporarily unavailable for purchase from InsureMyTrip.
Travelers who have already purchased this plan can access their certificate in the confirmation email and/or their user account. You can find claim and contact information here.

MEDEX SafeTrip - Single-Trip Single-Trip

If you are looking for emergency medical assistance and emergency transportation coverage for your next trip, the MEDEX SafeTrip Single-Trip plan may be a good option for you. This plan can only be used for coverage if traveling on a single trip and more than 100 miles from your permanent residence in your home country.

If you should suffer an unforeseen illness or injury during your travels, MEDEX will make arrangements to transport you to the nearest appropriate medical facility that they deem capable of treating you, provided adequate medical treatment is not available at your current location.

Many 24/7 assistance services are included in this plan:

  • Worldwide medical and dental referrals
  • Monitoring of treatment
  • Transfer of insurance information to medical providers
  • Continuous updates to family, employer and home physician
  • Emergency transportation arranged
  • Translation services
  • Worldwide destination intelligence
  • Assistance in arranging a security or political evacuation

This MEDEX plan is available for purchase only before you have departed on your trip. If you have already departed on your trip, do not purchase this plan as you will not have any coverage.