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On Call International provides fully customized travel risk management programs to assist with emergency medical evacuation to bring the traveler to their hospital of choice. The memberships also include help with medical referrals, prescription replacement and 24-hour access to a nursing hotline.


For nearly 20 years, On Call International, headquartered in New Hampshire, has provided fully customized travel risk management programs protecting millions of travelers, their families and companies. These programs are not travel insurance plans, but memberships that provide travelers with strategic assistance for travel medical needs and travel-related concerns.

The memberships include coverage for emergency medical evacuation to the hospital of the traveler’s choice. This will help the traveler manage their recovery while being in a location and atmosphere they feel most comfortable. Along with this, the membership includes benefits to allow a non-traveling family member to join the member if they are traveling alone, their condition leaves them incapable of medical transport, and they are anticipated to be in the hospital for more than seven days.

The On Call International membership supports you even when there isn’t an emergency. They provide assistance replacing prescriptions, worldwide referrals for medical and legal needs, access to 24/7 Nurse Helpline as well as securing emergency travel funds. They also help with travel-related concerns like baggage location, language translation, and lost document replacement assistance.


  • Emergency medical evacuation to the traveler’s hospital of choice.
  • Access to a 24/7 Nurse Helpline when traveling.
  • Help available for travel-related concerns such as baggage location.

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Had I known that my newly initiated MD/VIP physician's program had a better annual offer for about the same premium that single trip coverage offered, I would have gone with it. However, this coverage appeared fair given the risk.
James P.
Other frequent travelers were impressed with the flexibility of the account
Howard F.
didn't have to use it, can't say if it was good.
Kristine S.
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