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RSA Insurance offers comprehensive plans that fit many travelers' needs. The RSA plans sold on the InsureMyTrip site are only available to Canadian residents.


RSA Insurance plans on, available only to Canadian residents, provide different levels of coverage for travelers. The Semi-Exclusive plan focuses on travel-related concerns such as trip cancellation and baggage protection, while the All-Inclusive plan includes all standard comprehensive travel insurance benefits, as well as travel medical coverage.

RSA Insurance is a global travel insurance company headquartered in the Canadian province of Quebec. With over 300 years in the overall insurance industry, they are dedicated to designing travel insurance plans that fit many types of travelers and their needs while traveling.


  • Available only to Canadian residents on
  • Over 300 years of experience in the insurance industry.
  • Two plans built for the needs of travelers like you.

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Peace of mind to have insurance coverage while travelling.
Edmund L.
This plan was easy to set up before I left for my travels. As well, it gave me the security that should something go wrong regarding my health during the time I was away, I would have coverage.
Gary M.
I have used InsureMyTrip for travel insurance on several trips now. Depending on the location, some companies come up more often than others. On my recent trip to Ecuador, RSA All Inclusive came up. I have travel medical insurance via work, but I tend to get the all inclusive plans as they are the only ones that cover all aspects of travel coverage that I need, and it gives me a back up to medical plan if necessary - as I often travel for longer than work's requirement. RSA policy was extensive, the least expensive and their policy was written in a way that was clear and understandable. Thanks.
Maria F.
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