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Since 1993, Seven Corners has provided high-value travel insurance plans to travelers around the world and assisted them with all aspects of travel-related concerns such as finding English speaking doctors and protecting their travel investments.


For 25 years, Seven Corners has protected travelers all over the world, with insurance plans designed to provide the benefits and services travelers truly need.

We manage all components of our plans under one roof, and this allows us to control service and also sets us apart from most other travel insurance companies. Through our in-house team, Seven Corners Assist, we provide 24-hour multilingual travel assistance to customers all over the world. Seven Corners Assist helps customers locate appropriate medical care, arranges emergency medical evacuations, and provides many other types of crucial travel assistance.

In addition, we maintain our own international network of medical providers, to ensure our customers have access to quality care no matter where they travel.


  • Provides 24-hour worldwide assistance services for all clients
  • Proprietary network of doctors and hospitals around the world

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never had to use the coverage but it is always good to have insurance coverage for medical reasons when you are traveling.
John B.
I am glad I didn't need to file a claim, but glad I had the coverage just in case.
Richard S.
Fortunately, I did not need to use it. So I cannot give you a lot of feedback
Janice L.
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