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Since 1993, Seven Corners has provided high-value travel insurance plans to travelers around the world and assisted them with all aspects of travel-related concerns such as finding English speaking doctors and protecting their travel investments.


For over 20 years, Seven Corners, headquartered in Indiana, has grown into an international travel insurance company. Their plans, underwritten by Nationwide Insurance, are built specifically for the world traveler – whether within or outside of the United States.

All of Seven Corners’ travelers are provided with 24-hour worldwide assistance services. Seven Corners Assist will help travelers find an English speaking doctor in a remote country, organize an emergency evacuation and so much more. They have their own proprietary network of doctors and hospitals around the world.

All Seven Corners travelers have immediate access to their online worldwide assistance portal upon purchasing a plan. This will help travelers find doctors, hospitals and travel alerts even when traveling without needing to call a 24-hour hotline. It can also help to organize travel plans to keep Seven Corners informed on the itinerary.


  • Provides 24-hour worldwide assistance services for all clients.
  • Proprietary network of doctors and hospitals around the world.

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Hard to review something I didn't make use of as I was in good health the whole trip. However, the price was reasonable.
Charles D.
I was looking for coverage for paragliding. Hang gliding wa covered but paragliding wasn't ? That doesn't make sense.
John M.
I thankfully did not have to use it. I would hope that it was more than just a little wallet card and did provide the coverage. I mean if I did have an incident and it did do what it stated I am sure it would be great.
Mark C.
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