Seven Corners Liaison International (No US Visit)

The Seven Corners Liaison International (no U.S. visit) is available to travelers whose itineraries do not include travel within the United States and are traveling outside of their home country. This plan offers medical coverage and emergency services for trips up to 45 days long.

This plan has limited, yet useful, travel-related benefits for trip interruption due to a covered reason and baggage loss protection.

You may customize the medical benefits to fit your needs by choosing a medical limit and a deductible. If you are 80-years-old or more the maximum medical coverage is limited to $15,000. However, if you are 79 or under, medical limits are available ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The deductible limits range from $0 to $2,500, to fit most traveler’s budgets.

On this plan you can also add an optional hazardous activity rider, offering coverage for activities such as hang gliding, skiing, or bungee jumping. This may expand the covered medical reasons to include injuries that occur while taking part in these activities.

For U.S. residents traveling outside the United States and Canada, the look-back period is 12 months. The lookback period for pre-existing conditions is 36 months for all other travelers. In addition, there is coverage for an unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition (defined in the plan) for U.S. residents traveling outside the United States and Canada. The benefit maximum is $20,000 for those under 70 years and $5,000 for those 70 and older.

This plan includes a 100% co-insurance clause for travel outside the U.S. After you pay the selected deductible, the plan pays 100% to your medical maximum.

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Coverage amounts are per person, unless otherwise noted.

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Trip Protection

Trip Cancellation
Trip Interruption
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Terrorism in Itinerary City
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24-Hr Full Coverage
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24-Hour Emergency Assistance
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Hard to tell if the plan was good since I didn't have to activate it fortunately.
Marie R.
Thank goodness I never had to use this plan on my trip to Mexico. However, it did give me peace of mind. I have heard stories of people who have been injured and then held ransom financially by Mexican hospitals until the U.S. patient paid their huge fees in full. This plan provided all of the coverage I needed to protect my young family of 5. Having been on trips where travelers in my group ended up in the hospital in a foreign country, I know first hand the financial burden these types of experiences can cause. I will never leave the U.S. without some medical travel insurance again. I recommend this product. Good coverage at a good price.
Ryan P.
I was planning a trip to Egypt for fun, but I'm on a shoestring budget. I wanted to be safe and reasonable, but I wasn't worried about trip cancellation because I would go as long as the airline was willing to fly :) The option to buy insurance on just the medical/ evacuation side was an awesome discovery! I was thrilled to discover I could afford to purchase zero deductible medical insurance and that top rated hospitals had the bill direct to insurer option! During my stay in Egypt, the closest fully covered hospital was an affiliate with the Cleveland Clinic, located about five miles from where I stayed. I purchased the rider for extreme sports even though horse back riding wasn't listed, just to be safe, and was able to gallop across desert on a native Egyptian Arabian horse with no fears that a fall might create a cascading series of financial debt I would never be able to escape. Also, I was in Egypt on the fifth anniversary of the revolution, 11-11-16 and the slim but theoretically relevant chance I might have to be evacuated if the airport was under threat and normal flights were canceled made the evacuation clause extra comforting.
Melinda S.
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