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TruTravel plans address traveler concerns over trip cancellation and interruption by offering a long list of covered reasons which allows for reimbursement of the pre-paid, non-refundable trip cost.


TruTravel plans are designed to offer coverage for most travelers’ main concerns. Many travelers worry about losing their investment in the event they have to cancel or interrupt their trip. These plans offer a long list of covered perils, which allow reimbursement of your pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs.

Also, the 24-hour emergency assistance service may be an essential tool during your trip. Whether used for advice to find the perfect restaurant in the area or to help arrange an emergency medical evacuation and referrals, travelers find this very convenient.

Plans are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.


  • High number of covered reasons for trip cancellation and interruption.
  • 24-hour emergency assistance service available to help with travelers’ needs.
  • Plans backed by the expertise of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

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I wouldn't consider traveling outside the U.S. without it! (Reasonable rates, great coverage, wonderful peace of mind
Saundra S.
Did not have to use it, but gave me peace of mind knowing so many negatives were covered, particularly health insurance.
Janet Q.
While I luckily had no reason to file a claim, having the policy gave me peace-of-mind and allowed me to enjoy my holiday without worry.
Terry P.
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