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Travel insurance protects travelers in case of emergency or interruption of a trip.

You want peace of mind when you travel. With InsureMyTrip’s quote process, you can research, compare and buy an affordable plan today. As the leader in trip insurance, we are a single site designed to help you compare benefits, get quotes, buy policies, and save from the top rated carriers. Please compare plans at different levels of coverage. Guard against cancellation of your flights, cruises, unexpected medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and lost luggage. Our licensed insurance agents provide service to assist you in finding the right coverage. Our Anytime Advocates help you if you have a claim and have helped put $1,000,000 of coverage back in travelers' pockets. Please research our plans using our 50,000+ travel insurance reviews to find the right coverage.

Your Questions About Travel Insurance

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Do I need travel insurance?

Imagine your trip gets canceled unexpectedly. Would you be able to easily accept the financial loss of the cost of your trip? If there was a medical issue, and someone in your party needed to be evacuated, could you easily cover the cost? Are you traveling with any significant valuables that would be expensive to replace? If you answered yes to any of these, you should look more closely at buying travel insurance. Read more here.

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Why is comparing travel insurance important?

Your travel insurance needs are determined by the nature of your trip, its cost, and who is traveling. You will want to find a policy that covers what you need at a price that fits your budget. There are dozens of companies to choose from, each with a large number of options. The number of choices can be overwhelming. If you buy coverage you don’t need, from the wrong company, you would overspend. Worse yet, you could buy a plan that doesn’t cover what you need. Our comparison engine, and highly trained licensed agents will help you find the plan that fits your trip like a glove. Learn more about how to compare here.

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What coverage do I need?

Answer these questions to start. What pre-paid trip costs are you unwilling to lose? What unpredictable expenses would you not be able to cover? What reasons might cause you to cancel unexpectedly? There are different plans and options that allow you to cancel for any reason. There are plans that have better coverage for emergency evacuation and emergency medical treatment. Some plans cover you in case of terrorist activities and others have limited coverage. There are limits to each plan as to how much they cover for loss of personal belongings. Click here to learn what coverage you need.

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Why purchase coverage from InsureMyTrip?

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Unparalleled Customer Service

The caring, licensed travel insurance representatives at InsureMyTrip are open and honest with every traveler, because our non-commissioned representatives work to find the best plan for you. Our Anytime Advocates® will support you with the process if you feel a claim has been unfairly denied.

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Unbiased Plan Comparison

We offer hundreds of unbiased plan comparisons from only the best travel insurance companies in the industry. Without worry, you can trust us to deliver the right plan for your upcoming trip. Choose from our affordable plans that guard against a wide variety of losses. We offer a wide variety of plans ranging from comprehensive coverage, travel health insurance, cruise insurance to plans that focus on evacuation or lost baggage.

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Thousands of Customer Reviews

We are home to nearly 60,000 customer reviews to help guide travelers to the right plan. Each review helps determine if the plan is right for you and your needs. If the plan’s rating drops below 4 stars, we no longer sell the plan.

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